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"For me this year, 2012 had 2 faces. As far as the magazine I edit on a national level, I can say that, seeing what has happened in Italy, it certainly isn't a year to remember. Looking at the international scene though, karting seems to have maintained credibility. Maybe because in other countries they have managed to understand, so to say, better and make the most of the international crises turning it in their favour, and making assertive solutions in such a difficult time. We have seen some activities going on in different countries that confirm the fact that simplifying some promotional activities does create interest in karting for motorsport enthusiasts. Simplify doesn't always and only mean to look at things exclusively from an economic aspect. True that limiting expense is a positive note for anyone practising karting, but it is also true that a right format, which corresponds to the karters' needs, those who practice racing, will get the right response.


Everyone knows that motorsport is more expensive than other sports, where no technical support is required, only psychophysical training. Hence more attention should be given to those who have to invest to practice karting. This way the user can only concentrate on racing - that is what has drawn him or her to practice karting - without having to experience problems that hardly ever depend on his behaviour, as often happens (well, it does in Italy), things that happen due to regulations open to different interpretation, which compromise the result of a race.  


Having said this, I repeat in international karting, thanks to the fantasy of some promoters, more adventurous and brilliant federations, unlike Italy, have had a successful 2012 season. Although Italy is in continuous fermentation, it seems impossible to give life to some ideas, although some signs make one think differently. But, let's go back to a wider vision of things, to what is happening throughout the world. What models should one look up to today? Besides Skusa that thanks to Tom Kutscher is a reference point in the States, for the rest Rotax is still the most popular. And rumours saying differently are not true. You see, numbers speak and in 2012 Rotax engine sales have been up to over 6,000... A number that makes your eyes goggle. And although a brilliant result, we can say that it is the result of hard work, promotion and investment finalised to satisfy the needs of those who practise karting. A thought comes to mind: international karting is running alongside the project promoted by BRP. Well, to this point nothing to say, on the contrary. This Rotax fever in continuous expansion is motivating lots of operators, inviting to invest in this format, thought to be the most credible and obviously the best investment. And, it isn't just a coincidence that the next edition of the Rotax Grand Finals will be held in New Orleans in the USA, that is the country where most drivers registered this season in Portimao come from. And it isn't hazardous to say that also the big chassis industries try not to miss out on this trend and present their candidancy for the Grand Finals. A decision where there are no doubts, on the contrary, a far-sighted planning recognizes that the Rotax project is the one that offers most guarantees at such times made uncertain by the federal policy (Cik/Fia) and the future of KF. The most obvious route to take is the one laid down by Rotax and other important innovations that confirm this tendency will soon be revealed.  


Obviously, Vroom is following all this with interest, our aim is to point out these things and continue our mission to inform you about such interesting reality, and about the drivers whose response is more and more enthusiastic towards our editorial line and the return of image that this event is building up. A gratifying acknowledgement confirming the place that Vroom has earned with its dedication in publishing a magazine that is more and more centralised in informing readers on what is happening in the karting world, contributing in helping to amplify ideas that work and, at the same time, keep up any initiative that is finalised to draw as many people as possible to this extreme ... sport.


I take the advantage of thanking all those who have made Vroom the reference point of international karting, thus giving us a chance to help in promoting important projects, like the Rotax format, in several countries. A special thank you to the operators who on these important trips to the USA, for the Skusa, and in Portugal, for the Rotax Grand Finals, have confirmed their belief in Vroom.


Merry Christmas and a Happy 2013. All the best to Vroom too, for its 25th anniversary."

Giuliano Ciucci Giuliani



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Joonas Lappalainen, vainqueur du Trophée Académie 2012 a testé la F4 sur le circuit de Maison Blanche au Mans avec un sens de l'attaque bien visible sur cette vidéo embarquée.



Vidéo Laapalainen




After New Delhi, in India, last year, it is Istanbul which hosted the yearly Gala organised by the FIA. The Champions of this year have in particular been rewarded. Karting was also represented in Turkey. On the stage, the Italian World KF1 Champion, Flavio Camponeschi, joined Britain’s Henry Easthope, who has won the U18 (for Drivers under 18 years old) World Championship. Furthermore, the French works team Sodi – represented by Gildas Mérian and his wife, respectively President and General Manager of the brand – was also honoured for having landed the title of World Champion for Makes thanks to Henry Easthope.



Flavio Camponeschi, KF1 World Champion with FIA Vice-President FIA Angelo Sticchi Damiani


Third in the 2011 CIK-FIA World Championship, Flavio Camponeschi has finally found his grail. The 20 years old Italian who represents the prestigious team Tony Kart accomplished his dream by donning his maiden world crown in a championship he led from beginning to end. Winner of three races out of four in the opening round held at Suzuka, the Italian subsequently managed his advantage in the best of ways despite some hitches during the final at Macau.


“In Suzuka I was very fast and sometimes had a bit of luck”, he explained. “But the second event at Macao was more difficult. I was quick there as well, as indicated by my second and first places in qualifying practice, but I also had a few setbacks. For a moment I thought I was living a nightmare when my starter got blocked at the start of the first race and forced me to retire even before the start. Fortunately I could make up for it afterwards, and I feel I had one of my best races by recovering from 30th to 2nd position. In any case, this world title is a fine reward for all the work carried out, and I am obviously very happy.”



Henry Easthope, U18 World Champion and Thérèse Mérian, General Manager of Sodikart, World Champion for Makes


Reserved for Drivers under 18 years old who all disposed of identical engines allocated by drawing lots and supplied free of charge by FIM, the World Championship produced a scenario worthy of the best thrillers. After his domination in the Portuguese event held at Braga, Henry Easthope managed to stay in the lead of the competition in Angerville (FRA) despite a more difficult weekend. The Briton therefore arrived in Bahrain as the leader for the final of this championship. In the first race organised in the Middle-East in the CIK-FIA’s history as well as the first one held at night (and lit by huge spots), the spectacle was total. Indeed, it was only two corners from the chequered flag that Henry Easthope, taking advantage of an incident ahead of him, managed to gain two places, thus winning the world crown by just one point.


“No matter what happens, this year 2012 is the best since the beginning of my career”, Henry smiled. “And the outcome of the championship was probably one of the most stressing episodes of my whole life… For me the season had taken a perfect start at Braga and I left Portugal with the maximum of points. But it was harder afterwards. In Angerville I suffered on a track which does not really suit my driving style. Then there was this incredible weekend in Bahrain. I was fast but also very nervous, and I made a few mistakes as a result. I only started the final from 16th place but I gave everything and took advantage of an incident ahead of me to gain another 2 places on the final lap. When I crossed the finish line I did not know I was champion. Afterwards, however, I had an enormous joy!”


Third Briton in a row who wins the U18 World Championship after Jake Dennis and Matthew Graham, Henry Easthope also offered the title of World Champion of Makes to Sodi.



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Running slightly late with our latest work, but it was worth the wait! We could not release our pre-Xmas issue without at least a preview of the single-make event of the season, the 2012 Rotax Grand Finals in Portimao, that is. As for the top stories, you find the U18 World Champs and SKUSA SuperNats, an exclusive interview with new World Champion Flavio Camponeschi, the Track Test of the brand new Rok 125 Shifter, and a lot more...



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En prime, un sourire de Kimi.

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