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Pilot > Dorian Boccolacci



Fighting to remain in the top 10 in a final race, even though it was in a world championship, it is not something that Dorian Boccolacci would normally aim to. However, this is exactly what happened in England, on the circuit of PFI, during the first meeting of the World KF Championship. After a number of free practice sessions, the Energy/TM driver became well aware that his kart was not one of the fastest. In timed qualifying, number 9, which by the way he likes, started to stick to him, since he finished 9th with a delay of 0.3 seconds from the leaders.


9th in the first heat, he managed to conclude the following heat with a third place, but slipped down thirteen places after a penalty for a manoeuvre judged inappropriate. His times continued to lack regularity in the last few heats and he was only 18th in the provisional classification. In his pre-final, things went better, raising hopes for a possible return to the front. Indeed, he climbed up from 9th to 4th place and reduced his delay vs. the fastest by 0.1-0.2 seconds per lap.


In the final race, Dorian had to fight hard to remain in the top 10, especially at the start of the race, before his kart delivered its full potential. But despite all his efforts, he could not do better than 9th place on arrival, a position that allowed him to score a few points in the World Championship, but not sufficient to hope to be able to easily conquer the title at Bahrain in November. Faced with competitors who have greatly improved since the beginning of the year, Dorian would definitely need a kart with better performances to conclude the season.



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International > Allemagne


German Superkart Series, Red Bull Ring (Aut), 24 août 2013, le pilote hollandais Arjan Kievitsbosch (MS Kart/VM) remonte de la 26e à la 4e en course 1, avec des pointes à plus de 220 km/h. Superbe !



Vidéo Kievitsbosch

FEDERATION > Equipe de France Karting



Le mois d’août n’aura pas été synonyme de vacances pour tout le monde. Les pilotes de l’Equipe de France FFSA Karting se retrouvaient au Mans du 16 au 18 pour leur quatrième et dernier stage de la saison, un à Chamonix, les trois autres à l’Auto Sport Academy, le centre de formation de la FFSA. Les plus jeunes, intégrés au Programme 10-15, suivaient du 19 au 21. Ils effectuaient eux aussi leur quatrième stage mais pas le dernier puisqu’ils seront à nouveau réunis du 29 au 31 octobre pour, cette fois, l’ultime regroupement de la saison.

Quatre membres de l’Equipe de France FFSA Karting participaient à ce dernier regroupement : Valentin Moineault, Gabriel Aubry, Jules Bollier et Arthur Lehouck. En raison de leur non participation au Mondial cette saison, Erwan Julé et Nicolas Gonzales n’étaient pas convoqués. Quant à Dorian Boccolacci, il participait à une épreuve en Allemagne.

Trois nouvelles recrues, issues du cadet, étaient appelées pour le stage du Programme 10-15. Le timing entre l’annonce de leur nomination et le début du stage étant un peu serré, Adrien Renaudin et Ambinintsoa Ramiandrisoa ne pouvaient hélas se libérer mais ils participeront à l’ultime stage du Programme 10-15. En revanche, Hugo Chevalier rejoignait Alexandre Vromant, Adeline Prudent, Bryan Elpitiya, Nathan Hédouin, Tom Leuillet, Jean-Baptiste Simmenauer et le benjamin Théo Pourchaire.


Lire le communiqué complet ci-dessous.




Team > RFM Motorsport

Seven FA Kart -Vortexes from RFM Motorsport at PF International looked great in their new livery matching the colours of the awning of the British team. Although the results in the KF World Championship were not up to expectations, especially for Kodric, RFM was not far from a treble in the KF-Junior International Super Cup. Lando Norris won the race ahead of Jehan Daruvala, gaining the team their latest international double.




As with the former World Cup, the KF-Junior International Super Cup was designed to bring the world's best drivers together as a support for the KF World Championship. The entry was not very full, but the level of competition was guaranteed by the presence of major players in the category. At RFM, Lando Norris and Daniel Ticktum were the favourites. However Jehan Daruvala took the lead early in the meeting with excellent consistency on center stage. Second in the intermediate classification, he was ahead of Enaam Ahmed. Ticktum was penalized for transgressing the 'Slow' procedure and was eighth despite his two wins in the preceding heats. Norris was hit twice at the start and finished up 11th, while Max Fewtrell dropped to 14th after a retirement.


Daruvala continued his momentum by winning the pre-final, while Ticktum, with the fastest lap, was penalized and lost his 3rd place in favor of Norris. Again the fastest, Ticktum came through like a rocket in the final from 16th to the lead. But forcing Norris out won him a new penalty and stopped the team scoring a historic treble. With constant effort, Norris was the winner, followed by Daruvala, who was delighted to get second position. Fewtrell scored his best result of the weekend from 13th to 7th posiiton, while Ahmed retired on lap six.


After a good start, Martin Kodric took first three third places in the qualifying heats of the KF World Championship. Delayed in the penultimate heat, he was still eighth. Unfortunately, he was the victim of a racing incident at the wrong time, in the prefinal. Finishing 20th, he missed out on qualifying for the final despite his leading performance so far. After two good runs, Ollie Norris ensured a good ninth place in the pre-final, then fought valiantly to recover after a difficult start in the final and finished the race in 16th place in the world. 



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Presse > Turbo Magazine



Entre les exploits de Thierry Neuville en Finlande, les 24 H de Spa, une longue interview de Yves Matton (Citroën Racing), la dernière livraison en date du mensuel belge Turbo Magazine consacre sa double page karting au Trophée du Nord, la manche de la série Belgian ASAF disputée sur le circuit d'Ostricourt au coeur de l'été.



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