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Etienne Mordred (Zanardi / Parilla) took off flawlessly in the KF3 Prefinal, but Hubert Petit (Sodi / Parilla) was soon to take command of the race. Dorian Boccolacci (Birel / BMB) was in 3rd position, while Paolo Besancenez (Sodi / Parilla) droped from 4th to 9th place. Valentine Moineault (Sodi / Parilla) recovered to 4th position and Esteban Ocon (FA Kart / Vortex) 5th. He did not take long to pass Moineault. The differences were very small between the top 7.

Ocon, who set the fastest lap, returned slightly to Boccolacci, Mordred accelerated and approached the leader, Petit, with the fastest lap. In 6th, Simon Tirman surpassed his teammate Valentin Naud (Tony Kart / Vortex). The top 4 were together when there were 4 laps to cover, sharing the fastest times, but the order did not change until the finish. It was a narrow victory in front of Mordred, Boccolacci and Ocon, then Moineault slightly behind.



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It was a rocket start for Mathieu Gaillard (Energy / TM), but he couldn't long retain his edge in the scrum. Thomas Mich (Birel / TM) took the lead at the first corner ahead of Julien Goupy (BRM / TM), who also made a very good start, then Clement Da Silva (Birel / TM), Tony Lavanant (PCR / TM), Morgan Weber (Merlin / TM).

Abbasse was missing, with a broken accelerator cable. It was hot in the pack between Charly Bizalion (Intrepid / TM) and Charles Fiault (Sodi / Maxter), especially while trying to return to Gaillard. The position was maintained by Mich, about 2'' in front Goupy but Lavanant in third closed on Da Silva and Weber.

Lavanant then seemed less fast, Da Silva spun, and Weber and Fiault saw the opportunity to attack but Lavanant replied and protected his position. Gaillard eventually passed Bizalion. Much faster, Weber got tired of waiting and put Lavanant behind him in an attack, which also managed to take Fiault on the next bend. Mich won the race ahead of Goupy, Weber, Fiault, Lavanant and Gaillard.



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The first line was occupied by the duo Anthoine Hubert and Leo Roussel, both on Sodi / Parilla, followed by the Tony Kart / Vortex pair of Remy Deguffroy and Victor Sendin. Roussel flew, Hubert got locked up and Sendin took 2nd position from Deguffroy. Both TKF drivers clashed by the cafeteria and lost ground. Pascal Belmaaziz (DR / Parilla) took second place ahead of Andrea Pizzitola (FA Kart / Vortex). Kenny Vermeylen (Tecno / Parilla) then took third position, closely followed by Sendin. Hubert was far behind and Alex Baron retired.

Roussel was easily in front, keeping Belmaaziz at controlled distance behind. Although he had set the fifth fastest time, it seemed Deguffroy had suffered a technical problem that set him back in the standings. Sendin was back attacking Vermeylen and could well pass soon. But the Tecno driver reacted with the fastest lap. Roussel's charge lessened slightly with the heat and Belmaaziz was back on the leader, setting the fastest lap. Victor Compere and Gilson Corentin gathered to witness the end the race on the grass. It was a good race for John Filippi (Exprit / Vortex) who returned to the top 5 ahead of Pizzitola.

Victory went to Leo Roussel in front of Pascal Belmaaziz, Kenny Vermeylen and Victor Sendin.



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The Rotax Master class opened the long series of timed practice on the circuit Gabriel Thirouin at Angerville, France for their Cup event within the GPO. Yvan Pater (Sodi) set the fastest time, 51''977, ahead of Mathieu Camus (Kosmic) and Jeremie Charon (Tony Kart), both tied with 51''990, which is admittedly quite rare. Franck Rouxel (Sodi) and Stéphane Picque (Intrepid), the defending champions, were close together in the same tenth.


Rotax, with 66 competitors for the second French Cup, was dominated by Maxime Gravouille (Kosmic) the leader of Group 3 with a time of 50''943 then Alexandre Finkelstein (Tony Kart), the fastest in group 1 with  50''986. Giovanni Ucci (Kosmic) set the third time in front of Jules Cousin (FA Kart) and Clement Traglia (Tony Kart).



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