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International > CIK

Olsen_Viking.jpgThe classic rendez-vous of Northern European Kartists, from the Baltic countries and Russia, the Viking Trophy was hosted this year in Norway, after Denmark (2009) and Sweden (2010), and before Finland next year.

While the Karting circuit of Rudskogen has remained unchanged and is still as interesting thanks to its layout and hilly aspect, the Viking Trophy Drivers at their arrival found out that the venue was under work as the adjacent small Motor Sport circuit is undergoing a spectacular transformation: from 1,900 metres its course will be extended to 3,200 metres.

The category with the largest number of entries, the Juniors’ KF3, saw the big announced favourite, the Norwegian Dennis Olsen (Energy-TM), outrageously dominate the event. He only missed out on pole-position which in qualifying practice went to the Estonian Martin Rump (Birel-BMB). Olsen was at his best both on a dry track in the heats and on a soaked tarmac in the final phase. Leader after the qualifying sessions he successively carried off the prefinal and final with quite a comfortable lead. In the final he finished ahead of the Swede Robin Hansson and of the Norwegian Cedrik Skare with a margin of over 7 seconds. It is worth noting that the Energy-TM pair had a stranglehold on the Juniors’ podium as the top three Drivers all used this equipment.

In KF2 the Finn Juuso-Matti Pajuranta (Ninar-Vortex) proved the most convincing competitor on a dry track, initially achieving the second fastest lap time in practice behind the Russian Egor Orudshev (Tony Kart-Vortex), and then wins accompanied by the fastest racing lap times in the first two qualifying heats. The arrival of the rain however changed the game and metamorphosed Norway’s Kenneth Aarsnes (Tony Kart-Vortex), who was unbeatable in the third and last heat, then in the prefinal and yet again in the final, to such an extent that he relegated his runner-up, the Dane Martin Mortensen (Kosmic-TM), to over 7 seconds! The podium was completed by Denmark’s Jacob Gram Nielsen (Kosmic-Vortex).

Already winner of the previous edition of the Viking Trophy, also run on a drenched track, the Swede Viktor Öberg (Gillard-Parilla) took his own succession on the list of result of the KZ2 event, well ahead, by more than 8 seconds, of the Norwegian Kenneth Ostvold (Energy-TM) and of the revelation of the European KZ2 Championship held the week before in Germany, the Finn Henri Kokko (Ninar-TM).



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International > WSK Euro Series



Il Circuito Internazionale la Conca porta a Muro Leccese (LE) il penultimo appuntamento della WSK Euro Series. Sono 250 gli iscritti nelle categorie KF3, KF2, KZ1/2 e KF1, nelle gare in diretta Rai Sport il 26 giugno dalle 14:30 alle 16:00. Live web da Stop&Go dalle 13:30 alle 16.30.


Muro Leccese (LE), 20 giugno 2011

Appuntamento decisivo a La Conca. Nel paddock del circuito di Muro Leccese si moltiplicano le attività in questi giorni pre-gara. Siamo ormai a ridosso di quello che potrebbe essere il weekend decisivo, nella corsa alla vittoria finale nella WSK Euro Series, di base dal 23 al 26 giugno al Circuito Internazionale la Conca. Il terzo appuntamento della serie continentale di karting, organizzata e promossa da WSK Promotion, arriva in Puglia dopo aver esordito a Sarno (SA) a metà marzo e dopo aver fatto tappa in aprile in Portogallo, sul circuito di Portimao. La prova finale si svolgerà in Spagna a fine luglio, sul circuito di Zuera, alle porte di Saragozza.

Già oltre 10 ore di trasmissione Rai nella stagione WSK. Anche in questa occasione, le telecamere di Rai Sport saranno impegnate nella copertura televisiva dei momenti decisivi. La fase finale del weekend di Muro Leccese, domenica prossima 26 giugno, sarà trasmessa in diretta dal canale sportivo della Rai, nella fascia dalle 14:30 alle 16:00. Senza contare la copertura totale in live streaming, a cura del sito specializzato, che dalle 13:30 alle 16:30 diffonderà le immagini di Prefinali e Finali. La promozione WSK si conferma di grande importanza, come confermano le oltre 10 ore di trasmissione dai canali Rai, totalizzate in questa prima parte della stagione 2011. Ma non solo: le ore di trasmissione salgono a oltre 60, considerando tutti i network internazionali e i più importanti canali internet, che finora hanno trasmesso le gare WSK a tutte le latitudini.

Appuntamento a La Conca con i campioni del karting. La lista degli iscritti alla WSK Euro Series sale, per l’appuntamento di Muro Leccese, a 250 piloti. Sono 40 le nazionalità presenti, in rappresentanza delle due Americhe, del continente asiatico e, naturalmente, dell’Europa. A difendere la leadership nelle attuali classifiche provvisorie saranno l’olandese Nyck De Vries (Zanardi-Parilla) in KF1, il belga Rick Dreezen (Tony Kart-Vortex) in KZ1, lo svedese Joel Johansson (Energy-TM) in KZ2, il biellese Stefano Cucco (Birel-Parilla) in KF2 e l’olandese Max Verstappen (CRG-Maxter) in KF3.



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Pilot > Beitske Visser



10th on her first European KZ1 Championship is already a good result but Beitske Visser is only half satisfied with her weekend in Wackersdorf. Several problems slowed down her progress to the lead, including the tyres used in the race, medium instead of the soft ones initially required, which had been used by the Intrepid Team to prepare karts. What is more, the circuit layout was not suitable for KZ1 and overtaking was very difficult. And finally, there were several clashes and Beitske's chassis suffered the consequences on several occasions.


Despite these difficulties, the young Dutch girl never got discouraged. 6th in timed qualifying, she went to the attack on the first qualification heat. While in second position, she was run into after a few meters and was pushed down to 21st. Things did not go much better in the second heat, with a 12th place. 23rd at the start of the pre-final, Beitske tried to recover, but the track was jammed and she concluded with an 18th place. Luckily, the final paved her way to the top 10, despite another clash. Although she thought she had her place in the top 5, Beitske appreciates her 10th place and is already looking forward to her next race!

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Evenement National > FFSA Karting



Le Championnat de France Karting Minime-Cadet de la FFSA met le cap à l'Est pour son deuxième rendez-vous de la saison 2011. C'est le circuit de l'Enclos, à Septfontaine, entre Dole et Pontarlier, qui accueillera la manifestation les 2 et 3 juillet prochains en même temps que la Coupe de France Minikart. Les spectateurs pourront apprécier le talent des plus jeunes pilotes nationaux, à partir de 7 ans pour les Minikarts, lors d'une compétition de haut niveau. Le circuit de l'Enclos offrira un cadre particulièrement adapté à ce challenge grâce à son tracé vallonné et sélectif en s'appuyant sur l'expérience reconnue de toute l'équipe du club.


Le dossier de presse de la compétition de Septfontaine est disponible en téléchargement pour vous permettre de faire profiter vos relations et partenaires de tous les détails de cette épreuve.





International Event > "U18" World Karting Championship



From 34 the number of karts placed at our disposal by Parolin for the Academy Trophy in 2011 is increased to 51.

Right from the launching of this new Championship concept the CIK-FIA had decided to make it accessible to as many countries and ASNs as possible (National Sporting Authorities). In 2010 no fewer than 33 nations were thus represented therein. For 2011 it will even be extended and there will be 43 nationalities in the starting-blocks. With the exception of Germany, Argentina and Slovakia, all the nations which participated in 2010 have again entered a selection process. While some ASNs have re-entered their 2010 ambassador (Greece, Russia, Macau, Hong Kong, Monaco and Romania), most Federations have nominated new recruits. To the list of countries present in 2010 are added in 2011: Bulgaria, Hungary, Turkey, Ukraine, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, India, the United Arab Emirates, Iran, Venezuela and a few nations from which no licence-holder had ever been entered in a CIK-FIA Championship: Albania, Bahrain and the Sultanate of Oman.

The CIK-FIA Academy Trophy therefore opens itself and meets this initial function assigned to it by the CIK and FIA: the promotion of Karting at the World level, with the contribution of the sporting Federations members of the FIA.



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