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There was a perfect score for the British driver Ricky Collard (ART GP) in the heats with 4 wins out of 4 races, so he will start from pole position for the first prefinal, but also the bonus of 25 championship points. Charles Leclerc, with his usual brilliance, produced a double for ART GP in second position. Anthoine Hubert (Formula K) is probably the fastest driver this weekend at Angerville. With 3 wins, trouble from the starter forced him down to last in his fourth and final heat. He made a special recovery up to sixth position.

Martin Mortensen (Formula K) was very impressive in terms of speed, ranked fourth, while Henry Easthope (Sodi) remains on the list of favorites. There was a good performance from the Australian Joseph Mawson (Top Kart) ahead of the Spanish driver German Villanueva (Formula K) 6th, the Dutchman Dave Blom (Formula K) eighth, Matthew Graham (Zanardi) ninth and the Russian Seva (Vsevolod) Gagen (Parolin ) 10th. Surprisingly, Marco Maestranzi (PCR) is 28th, Ben Barnicoat (ART GP) 29th and Thiago Vivacqua (Zanardi) 33rd, while Federico Savona (Top Kart) and Sam Webster (ART GP) did not qualify.

In the French clan, things are pretty good: Enzo Marchetti (PCR) and Jules Gounon (Sodi) qualified honorably in 14th and 15th, Luca Midali (Zanardi), Hubert Petit (Sodi), who was fast but unlucky and Antoine Rocard (Sodi), usually a Rotax driver, are together in 22nd, 23rd and 24th places.



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The 44 drivers in the Academy Trophy have come to end of their qualifying races at Angerville. This phase was hotly contested, and no competitor has dominated outrageously. The Briton Alex Gill is in first position with a good mix of performance and consistency. He is closely followed by his compatriot George Russell, delayed during a collision at the start of the second race. Alec Weckström (Finland) has been rapid since his pole in the morning. He is the only one to have taken two victories, but fell to ninth position in the 2nd heat, so isn't at the top of the favorites list. Tied with him is the French driver Paolo Besancenez who had a very good run with two second places, but regrettably experienced engine problems at the end of the day.

Also credited with good potential for the finals, the Finn Joonas Lappalainen is fifth due to a harder final race. He was followed in sixth position by another great French driver Erwan Julé who showed great intelligence in his race management. In seventh is the Swede Otto Tjader, Spaniard Javier Cobian in 8th, the Belgian Amaury Bonduel in 9th and the Italian Mattia Drudi in 10th.

Slightly slower than in Portugal, Adeline Prudent is still in the game and in 14th position. There was a big disappointment for the Polish driver Adrian Rozycki, who had been prominent at Braga, who didn't qualify in 32nd position.



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The intermediate classification of the heats is available, unofficially, on Kartcom so you can follow the changing positions of the U18 World Championship and Academy Trophy at Angerville almost immediately. Classifications are updated at the end of each heat and possibly changed if there is a penalty.


Intermediate classification (unofficial) U18 here.

Intermediate classification (unofficial) Academy here



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Vasil Kolarov (Intrepid) and Hubert Petit (Sodi) opened the scoring in the first session of qualifying in the U18 World Championship at Angerville this Saturday morning, when the sky was overcast and the temperature around 20 ° C. The morning rain has dried and competitors started on slicks on a track freed of all traces of moisture by a strong wind. Charles Leclerc (ART GP) set a series of fastest laps, then Kolarov took the advantage at the very end of the session, but the Monaco driver responded with 54'' 012. Kolarov finished second by 1 tenth from Petit 3rd, Janneau Esmeijer (Intrepid) 4th, Magnus Ruud Kjaer (Formula K) fifth and Dave Blom (Formula K) 6th.



Anthoine Hubert (Formula K) returned to the track highly motivated for the second session and went better every lap. Matthew Graham (Zanardi) attacked in the second position, followed by Ville Mäntylä (Energy). Henry Easthope (Sodi), Frederik Schandorff (Formula K) and Tuomas Tujula (Haase Corsa) mixed in the battle. Anthoine continued to increase his lead and resisted Graham and Easthope who came second. Hubert ensured pole on the last lap, with 53'' 146, almost two tenths faster than Seva Gagen (Parolin), Easthope was third, Graham fourth ahead of the Australian Joseph Mawson (Top Kart).

Enzo Marchetti (PCR) immediately took the lead of the third session, ahead of Luca Midali (Zanardi) and Hannah Pym (Intrepid). Randy Berglas (Mach 1) then took second position. German Villanueva (Formula K) was the first to go under 54'', while Martin Mortensen (Formula K) soon took the lead ahead of Ricky Collard (ART GP) then improved his best time. Marchetti took fourth position ahead of Jules Gounon (Sodi). Collard took the lead of the session with a time of 53'' 169, ahead of Mortensen, Villanueva, Savona and Dahlmann. Midali and Marchetti finished 6th and 7th.

In view of the differences between the series, the 101% rule came into force. Hubert held pole ahead of Collard and Leclerc. Gagen advanced to 4th, Mortensen 5th, Kolarov 6th, Easthope 7th, Villanueva 8th, Petit 9th and Graham 10th.


Air temperature 20 °, track temperature 21 degrees, overcast clearing, strong wind.



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For the first Qualifying session for the Academy Trophy at Angerville, some rain fell consequence. Benjamin Lessennes started off ranked 1st, but Joonas Lappalainen took control ahead of Christopher Dreyspring. Mattia Drudi was interposed in second position, before being ousted by George Russell. Adeline Prudent was running between 4th and 5th place. Max Hofer took fourth place ahead of Lessennes, while pole was swapped between Lappalainen, Russell and Drudi. Russell closed on Lappalainen who was the leader on the last lap, but the Finn kept the best performance with 54'' 268, 28 thousandths from the British driver. Drudi advanced to 3rd, Hofer 4th, Lessennes 5th, Prudent 6th.

Times slowly emerged for the second session. Alec Weckström had the opportunity to lead with Alex Gill and Amaury Bonduel then Erwan Julé second. Paolo Besancenez entered the top 5. Julé rose to first position and improved then Wecström replied repeatedly, setting the best time in the 54''. Everything was decided on the last lap for the places of honor with Besancenez trying hard to take Julé for 2nd position, fourth was the Turkish driver Berkay Besler, 5th was the British Alex Gill then 6th the Irish Odhran Henry.



Weckström found himself on pole position ahead of Lappalainen, Besancenez and Russell with Julé 5th, Drudi 6th, Besler 7th, Hofer 8th, Henry 9th and Lessennes 10th.

Air temperature 20 °, track temperature 21 degrees, overcast but clearing, strong wind.



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