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International > "U18" World Karting Championship

The time of the long-awaited and dreaded - depending on starting position - pre-final 2, while the sun shined slightly at Essay. The winner of the qualifying heats starts in last position, and last takes pole ... The start of course needs to be watched!

Although the back started quietly, there was jostling at the front of the pack. Forman, Wright and Pangonis crashed and retired at the first hairpin. Jannick Flygenring (Mach 1) took in the lead ahead of Raquel Martinez (Top Kart), Robbie Dalgeish (Top Kart) and Radim Maxa (Intrepid), but Martinez took first position on the next round, Yves Von Aesch (Swiss Hutless) took 4th from Henry Easthope (Sodi). Anthoine Hubert (Sodi) was already back to ninth position, Leo Roussel (Sodi) 12th, Pyry Ovaska (Maranello) 18th ahead of Dave Blom (Intrepid).



The Scot Dalgeish soon attacked Martinez to take over her leadership, while Flygerning was losing ground. Ovaska, still followed by Blom, began cautiously avoiding the pitfalls of the adventure. Ovaska set the fastest race lap and finished in 12th place, and Blom was 13th. Dalgeish won the race ahead of Martinez, Von Aesch took third then Hubert and Easthope who made the best recovery to fifth place after having risen a whopping 20 places! He should end up on pole for the final.



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National Event > FFSA Karting



Alain Nicolle (Sodi / Rotax) dominated the first qualifying heats of the Coupe de France Handi so started from pole and as favorite for the pre-final, as the sun returned to Essay.

Franck Ribot (Sodi / Rotax) went a little off on the curb after the start, while Nicolle escaped from Pascal followed by Hermer (Sodi / Rotax). 3rd was Rodriguez (Sodi / Rotax) for the moment ahead of Claude Zéférini (Tony Kart / Rotax). Further back, Cyrille Fournier (Top Kart / SA 250), was leader of the Proto class. Zéférini attacked Rodriguez for 3rd, but did not succeed. Nicolle had now escaped alone, with a 3'' gap to Hermer. 3" behind were Rodriguez and Zéférini. Zéférini stepped up the attacks on Rodriguez, inside, outside, to no avail.

Alain Nicolle won convincingly with a best lap of 52,082 ahead of Hermer, Rodriguez, Zéférini, Fournier and Joubert.



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International > "U18" World Karting Championship

28/08/11 - 14:05

Academy race 1 for Leclerc



Mikel Azcona and Charles Leclerc started on the front row in Race 1 of the Academy Trophy with clouds and wind accompanying the start. Azcona took the lead, before Leclerc in second ahead of Ndrio, Benjamin Barnicoat, Sward and Dorian Boccolacci sixth. Leclerc retook the second, Boccolacci was 5th with the fastest lap. Azcona was rapidly widening the gap of one second from Leclerc with Ndrio a second behind too. On the fifth of 17 laps, the fastest driver Leclerc attacked.

The fight was confined to the back of pack, as the gaps between the drivers at the front was already substantial. Leclerc was back in the wheel tracks of the Spanish driver Azcona, ready to attack in the laps to come. At the same time Boccolacci threatened Sward to pass on lap 11, Vsevolod Gagen took over sixth place from Ndrio.

Azcona was resistant to Leclerc at first. But the Monaco driver took him under braking at the hairpin on lap 14, avoided being retaken and kept the head.

It was a good victory for Charles Leclerc from Mikel Azcona and Benjamin Barnicoat. Boccolacci finished fourth from Gagen and Ndrio. Azcona lost his second place after a penalty, allowing Barnicoat to take  second and Boccolacci the third.



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With Pyry Ovaska (Maranello) and Dave Blom (Intrepid) on the front row, the Prefinal of the World U18 at Essay had top two serious contenders at the front, even if outsiders were not lacking. Niclas Nylund and Tomi Katajami, both on Maranello chassis were ahead of the French hope Leo Roussel (Sodi).

Antonio Giovinazzi (PCR), took the advantage from Ovaska, Blom and Katajamaki. Roussel, on the outside, was pushed off the track at the hairpin after the start and lost many places, down to 13th. Anthoine Hubert (Sodi) quickly captured fourth place after an excellent start. Ovaska was back in the lead followed by Blom in second position. Joel Affolter (Sodi) followed the pace in fifth position ahead of Mathew Graham (Zanardi) and Federico Savona (Top Kart).

Ovaska escaped, returning to the lead in front of Giovinazzi and Blom, threatened by Hubert, at the halfway point. Roussel came back to 10th. Beccaria (Top Kart) just passed Mortensen (Mach 1) for eighth place. Ovaska was four tenths ahead of Giovinazzi, himself 8 / 10 from Blom.

Victory to went Ovaska from Giovinazzi, who set the fastest lap with 50,217, 3rd Blom, fourth Hubert, Affolter fifth, Roussel 10th, which after all is perhaps not a bad option for the upcoming race, pre-final 2 in reverse order ...



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No driver has really dominated in the heats of the U18 World Championship in Essay, as the the best score of two wins out of four races was achieved by Ovaska, Blom, Katajami and Roussel. Ultimately the leader of the standings, Pyry Ovaska (Maranello) was a hair ahead of the quick and experienced Dutch driver Dave Blom (Intrepid), who set the fastest time Saturday. The third is not a regular in international karting, Finland's Tomi Katajamäki (Maranello), who is level on points and victories with Blom. In fourth, Niclas Nylund (Maranello) gave Finland and Maranello a great result with three drivers in the top 4.



Leo Roussel (Sodi) is back behind Antonio Giovinazzi (PCR) in 6th with his second place in the last race. With Graham seventh, Riener eighth, Mortensen 9th and Hubert 10th there is a great sample of talent in the pre-final. But this ranking is less significant in U18, as pre-final 2 will start in a completely reversed order from pre-final 1 ... Guaranteeing a show for the spectators who begin to arrive in numbers at Essay, and maximum stress for drivers and teams.



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