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International > WSK Euro Series

14/04/12 - 13:00

Marques wins heat B / F



The French driver Kenny Marquez (Kosmic / Vortex) just won the KF2 race for groups F and B after a rise from 24th position. He took advantage of a daring tyre choice, running slicks while the sky was dark in consultation with Braun Racing International, to win with the fastest time of the race. Sure of his speed in these conditions, Kenny was able to handle the situation without making any mistakes. This result should be good for team morale.

At the same time, our special correspondent in the paddock, informs us that Anthoine Hubert unfortunately lost the benefit of his victory in another heat because he was underweight.



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National Event > WSK Euro Series

14/04/12 - 11:46

Sarno: rain, or no rain


Sarno, Saturday, April 14, 8:29:36am


More than ever the weather is a big part of the decisions and discussions in the paddock at Sarno. The forecasts all show heavy rain, but on the ground it's not the same. The sky became more and more threatening, but the rain played with the nerves of competitors. Take for example the KF2 heat A against C. The mechanics mounted the slicks and the rain tires, and some have a wet and dry kart. As they had to decide prior to the closing of the dummy grid, everyone opted for slicks. Almost everyone. Max Verstappen got stuck in the parc ferme, and it was too late for him.

Fortunately, a few raindrops caused the start to be delayed, and everyone to be allowed to mount the rain tyres. Everything was sorted out in the end. Almost. The race took place entirely on a dry track ... This pleased Anthoine Hubert (Formula K / TM) as he finished first, 3.5'' ahead of Verstappen. By now the tyres had lost their grip on the dry track.

The lottery continued for other drivers until the rain started. To be continued ...


Sarno_Cloud.jpgSarno, Saturday, April 14, 11h16mn28s 11:16:28am



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International Event > WSK Euro Series



The Kartcom unofficial intermediate classification from the WSK Euro Series at Sarno is online: nothing is easier than to follow the position of the competitors as the qualifying heats unfold. The rankings are updated after each heat.



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International > World Karting Championship

2011_World_Champion.jpgNyck De Vries could have a worthy successor in 2012 ...


According to information circulating, and unofficially, at Sarno this weekend, the KF1 World Championship could still be held. Following lengthy negotiations between the CIK and the manufacturers, the engine draw would be abandoned and the minimum entry reached with at least 25 European drivers including some big names in karting, with many champions among the committed.

However, only two events remain in the program: Suzuka and Macao and no European rounds. All this must of course be confirmed, the CIK is due to make an official announcement on Monday 16th.



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International > WSK Euro Series

The Canadian Philip Orcic on a CRG/TM was fastest with 1'28'' 058'' with a good margin of two tenths in the wet in KZ2 at Sarno, ahead of Simas Juodvirsis (Energy/TM) and Francesco Celenta (Birel / TM) then Jordon Lennox-Lamb (CRG / Maxter).


In KZ1, the Belgian Rick Dreezen (Tony Kart / Vortex) took with a good lap time of 1'25'' 168, 5/10 ahead of Joey Hanssen (Lenzo / TM) who was at ease in the rain, while Davide Fore (CRG / Maxter) took the opportunity qualify well with his teammate Jonathan Thonon right behind him. Anthony Abbasse (Sodi / Maxter) progressed to sixth.



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