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International > Rotax Max Euro Challenge



Following three very exciting weekends in France, Italy and Germany, the ROTAX MAX Euro Challenge now heads towards Belgium for one all-deciding event on the challenging track in Genk. The small country with a tremendous motorsport tradition will host the series' final for the second time since 2010, following four years of marking the start of the season. About 120 drivers from over 30 different nations are getting ready for a final weekend of what has been an exciting season.


The 1.350 metres long track is the second longest circuit of the calendar and provides a huge challenge for the drivers. The highly technical track combines demanding chicanes with high speed passages and requires full concentration at all times. Two long straights make for many overtaking manoeuvres following some challenging hairpins, which will bring the field closer together. It is therefore safe to say that the talented starters of the ROTAX MAX Euro challenge will once again show nerve-racking action on the tarmac. In Genk the drivers, which compete in the three categories of junior, senior and DD2, are not only fighting for the championship crowns but also for the tickets for the ROTAX MAX Grand Finals in Portimao (PT) in the middle of November. This sets the perfect scene for the final round of the most unique ROTAX series as the championship is still to be decided in all of the three categories.


The fight for the crown in the junior class is especially exciting as six drivers are still within a chance to win the coveted title. The British sextet is led by Jack McCarthy (Strawberry Racing) who witnessed his strongest weekend of the season in Salbris where he was able to secure both the win in the prefinal and the final. He has been among the top positions ever since but especially Dean MacDonald (Aim Motorsport) and Zak Fulk (Coles Racing) could gain on due to their wins in Laghi and Wackersdorf respectively. Currently in third position overall and thus separating MacDonald and Fulk in the championship is Alex Quinn (CRG SPA) who has not yet been able to take a race win this season but managed to stay in the title fight due to consistent results. The two remaining candidates for the Juniors' crown are Kiern Jewiss (Strawberry Racing) and Frenchman Axel Charpentier (Strawberry Racing) who both experienced a weekend fraught with problems in Wackersdorf. Being otherwise constantly in the leading bulk of the field, Charpentier could especially benefit from dropping his worst results. Should he be able to show a strong performance in Genk, he has a good chance to move up through the order and maybe even win the title.


Less unpredictable but not any less exciting is the title fight that is shaping up in the Senior category. With Pierce Lehane (Strawberry Racing), Rinus van Kalmthout (DAEMS Racing) and John Steward (Strawberry Racing) three drivers are sill able to snatch the crown in the eminent class and therefore promise a race filled with suspense in Belgium. The Australian Lehane holds the reins, as he was able to secure two wins in both Salbris and Wackersdorf. His difficult weekend in Laghi where he missed out on 23 points all in all might also be his ticket to win the title, should he manage to match his Wackersdorf performance in Genk. Van Kalmthout and Stewart can still see a light at the end of the tunnel should Lehane not be victorious as they are still able to challenge him for the crown mathematically. It is up to the two of them to turn the final in Genk into a surprise.


Fewer surprises can be expected in the DD2 class where only Ferenc Kancsar (BirelART/ KMS) and Paolo DeConto (CRG S. P. A.) are still able to win the championship. With one perfect weekend and two victories the odds are in the Italian's favour and it is up to the current leader Kancsar to beat those. The Hungarian is still waiting for his first win of the season and is leading the championship due to DeConto's comparably weak start to the season in Salbris. In third place is RS Competition driver Marcel Schirmer. The German showed a consistent performance throughout the entire season but has to fight hard in Genk to keep his strong position in the overall-standings as a few drivers are still within a good chance of charging up through the standings thanks to dropping their worst results in both the pre- and the final race.


As for the DD2 Masters the final result is still to be decided: Russia's Igor Mukhin (CRG S. P. A.) is in the lead so far due to consistently strong results in the finals while UK lady driver Tamsin Germain (DG Racing), Japan's Kawase Tomokazu (Uniq Racing Team) and Hungary's Geza Fodor (Ricciardo/KMS) only have twelve points between them and are therefore primarily fighting with each other for second place in the DD2 Masters. Yet they still have chances to catch Mukhin so they should not be ruled out of the battle for the category's crown just yet.


With three championships still to be decided the ROTAX MAX Euro Challenge is a non-miss event and will surely have a few magical moments in store. Everybody is invited to join the race action, as live TV coverage will start on Friday and continue throughout the weekend. So stay tuned on the official website or, where you get all information regarding reports, photos, results and live TV stream.


Info & Photo RGMMC

Pilote > Jules & Arthur RAPHANEL



La structure clé en main d'accès à la compétition de la FFSA mise en œuvre par 3MK Events et Sodikart a été choisie par la famille Raphanel pour former Jules (13 ans) et Arthur (7 ans). Les deux neveux du pilote officiel Bugatti Pierre-Henri Raphanel font ainsi leurs classes cette année dans les meilleures conditions possibles. La formation d'un bon pilote de kart est longue et difficile, mais grâce à la KRA, les jeunes sont entre de bonnes mains. La présence bienveillante de leurs moniteurs Guy Pansart et Alban Varutti apporte un plus indéniable, tandis que la structure Sodi décharge la famille des soucis logistiques.


« C'est vraiment une bonne formule pour débuter en course » explique le père de Jules et Arthur. « Je suis un passionné de compétition et je voudrais voir mes fils gagner, mais la discipline exige de la précision, de la rigueur et donc de l'expérience. La KRA permet aux enfants d'apprendre à leur rythme. Arthur, le benjamin de l'opération, est encore un peu jeune, par contre Jules a bien mûri grâce au karting. Il a pris confiance en lui et devient de plus en plus responsable, ce qui était l'objectif lors de ma décision de lancer mes enfants dans un sport en compétition. Le karting est en effet est un très belle école de la vie ! Leur apprentissage va se poursuivre dans quelques semaines à Varennes pour la dernière épreuve, mais le bilan est d'ores et déjà très satisfaisant. »


Bien qu'ayant largement profité de leurs vacances au soleil, Jules et Arthur n'ont pas complètement oublié le sport automobile. Grâce à leur oncle, ils ont eu la chance de pouvoir rouler dans une superbe Bugatti Veyron, un sympathique clin d'oeil à Sodi puisque la voiture arborait les couleurs de la marque française, ce qui n'est peut-être pas une simple coïncidence...



Info Kartcom / © Photo Agence FRAF

Pilot > Formula 1



Like the majority of Formula 1 drivers, Daniel Ricciardo got his first taste of motor sport at the wheel of a go-kart and while many Grand Prix stars still enjoy a fun karting session, the Australian has gone one step further, establishing his own brand of kart - Ricciardo Kart.

In conjunction with Birel ART, one of the leading kart producers in the world, there is now a full range of Ricciardo Kart machinery being built in its Lissone factory and raced all over the world. With the facility just a stone's throw away from the Monza circuit, this week seemed like the ideal opportunity for Daniel to visit the factory and hit the track in one of his own karts.

On Wednesday morning, at the 7 Laghi International Circuit, Daniel spent some time laps at the wheel of a Ricciardo Kart, setting a lap time as a target to beat for presenters from F1 TV broadcasters, NBC (USA), Canal + (France) before racing with members of the Sky Italia F1 crew.

Daniel said he was going to "take it easy" ahead of the Italian GP weekend, but once the visor came down on his helmet, his advice to himself went out the window and he was soon absolutely flat out. "I must admit I was surprised at how quick the TV guys were and I even learned a quicker line through one of the corners by following Will (Buxton, of NBC.) As for Sky Italia, they fielded professional racer Davide Valsecchi and we had a fantastic wheel to wheel dice."

The day ended with a visit to the factory in Lissone, where all the Ricciardo Karts are manufactured.



Info & Photo Birel ART

Evenement National > FFSA Karting



Rendez-vous habituel du meeting de Croix-en-Ternois, en parallèle du KZ Long Circuit, la Coupe de France de Superkart revêtait cette année un caractère plus expérimental et convivial que sportivement soutenue; Ainsi c'était la mise en œuvre d'un nouveau schéma simplifié avec deux courses sprint et une finale plus longue dont le vainqueur remporte la Coupe version 2015 et de nouveaux matériels. Il en est ainsi du 4 temps Suzuki 1000 qui certes a été vu à Ledenon mais fut essayé à Croix par Morgan Weber bien connu des pilotes de KZ et Michel Trollé, le 1er champion de France de la discipline ou encore d'un KTM350cc dont c'était la 1ère apparition. En complément, c'était la première sortie sur le continent pour les Superkarts historiques des Britanniques de l'association Kartings Legends, en démonstration. Steve Edwards ex-champion de France conduisant un PVP réplique de celui du champion de monde P.V. Petersen.

Le motoriste VM devenu premier fournisseur moteur de la discipline accaparé par une course à Brno la semaine prochaine renonçait à se déplacer. Faute de moteurs disponibles, le team néerlandais Karting Paradise qui loue des ensembles était forfait. C'est ce qui explique la défection de nombreux pilotes.

Julien Goullancourt (Anderson/FPE) de?sirant préserver ses chances au Championnat de France où il est second provisoire avant l'ultime épreuve du Val de Vienne (3 & 4 octobre) avait troqué son moteur habituel DEA pour un FPE de réserve. Cela ne l'empêcha pas de dominer les chronos et les deux courses sprint. Son principal adversaire Kévin Ranoarimanana (MSKart/DEA) avait fait le chemin inverse en récupérant un DEA révisé à la place de son dernier VM. Il eu plus de mal à trouver le bon rythme ou la bonne carburation puis fût gêné au départ de la course 2, mais il retrouvait néanmoins sa place en 1ère ligne pour la finale. Pascal Delcroix avait bien fait de persévérer (Il ne démarrait pas vendredi), car il s'est amusé à doubler ou redoubler Thierry Vandemeulebroucke, le leader du Team Coyote, par ailleurs mécène de l'ASK Côte d'Opale, organisatrice de l'évènement.

La finale se profilait avec tous les participants rassurés sur la fiabilité de leur matériel. Envol parfait pour Kévin Ranoarimanana qui freine en tête en bout de ligne droite. Il va dominer la course durant les deux tiers de l'épreuve. Si Goullancourt recolle au second passage, il cède ensuite progressivement du terrain. Delcroix a pris le meilleur sur Vandemeulebroucke. De quoi lui insuffler du baume au cœur après un début de saison plus difficile que prévu. Il devait toutefois abandonner à mi-course. Soudain Ranoarimanana ne tient plus la même cadence. Il perd 1 seconde au tour alors que Goullancourt améliore quelque peu ses chronos. Ce dernier rattrape donc inexorablement le leader. Il le double et part remporter cette Coupe. Ranoarimanana devait déplorer une fuite d'essence. En s'allégeant de manière imprévue, il n'était malheureusement plus au poids légal à l'arrivée. Vandemeulebroucke montait à sa place sur le podium accompagné d'un Jean-Marc Fernandes surpris mais tout sourire.



Info et Photo © Mediasuperkart

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