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En marge de son activité de peinture de casques au sein de Tys Design, Philippe Kinard anime avec passion le Tys Racing Racing. L'équipe belge spécialisée en Rotax Max accompagne les jeunes espoirs sur la route du succès depuis cinq ans. Pilote emblématique de Tys Racing, Félix Wargé a maintenant prouvé ses capacités au plus haut niveau international.


« C'est un challenge permanent qui demande beaucoup d'efforts, » confie Philippe Kinard « parce qu'il faut sans cesse lutter contre des équipes financièrement très solides. La passion reste notre moteur principal pour emmener nos jeunes pilotes vers les sommets. L'aventure entamée avec Félix il y a quelques années a montré que c'était malgré tout possible. Je souhaite maintenant révéler d'autres talents en Belgian Max Challenge et BNL Karting Series que Félix ne disputera pas cette année. Le Team leur est ouvert ! »


La Rotax Winter Cup, organisée en ouverture de la saison 2017 sur le circuit espagnol de Valencia, a permis à Félix de disputer une compétition de premier plan aux avant-postes. Les capacités du pilote de 17 ans et de son équipe ont été confirmées face au gratin de la catégorie Rotax Max. Il a pourtant fallu d'abord apprendre à utiliser les nouveaux pneus Mojo D3 et trouver le set-up le mieux adapté.




2e temps des chronos, auteur d'un meilleur tour puis vainqueur d'une manche qualificative sous la pluie, Félix partait second en préfinale, mais assurait la 4e position en pneus pluie sur une piste séchante. Il participait ensuite à la lutte pour la victoire finale et occupait même la 1re place quelques tours avant de franchir la ligne d'arrivée second à 7 centièmes seulement du vainqueur.


« Nous sommes à la fois très satisfaits du meeting et un peu déçus que Félix n'ait pas pu obtenir le ticket pour la Grande Finale 2017. Il s'en est fallu d'un rien... » expliquait Philippe Kinard. « L'essentiel est tout de même que le pilote soit rapide et que l'équipe soit capable de lui fournir un excellent matériel. Les autres pilotes de la structure ont obtenu également de très bons résultats. La victoire de Xavier Handsaeme en Junior nous a fait très plaisir, ainsi que la 4e place de Glenn Van Parijs, malgré ses déboires. Je tiens à remercier Bouvin Power pour la qualité des motorisations que nous partageons et pour l'ambiance chaleureuse qui a régné sous notre structure. »




Contact : +32 472 948 444 - - Facebook Tys Racing Team 



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International > CIK-FIA



Due to exceptional circumstances, the CIK-FIA has been forced to move the CIK-FIA Karting Academy Trophy Competition originally scheduled to take place at Wackersdorf (DEU) on 10th September 2017. This Competition will take place on 2nd July 2017 at Le Mans ( FRA), in the framework of the CIK-FIA European Championships for the categories OK, OK-Junior and KZ2. Wackersdorf will still host the CIK-FIA KZ World Championship and the CIK-FIA KZ2 International Super Cup on 10th September 2017.


Schedule of the 2017 CIK-FIA Karting Academy Trophy


- 14th May 2017, Genk (BEL): CIK-FIA Karting Academy Trophy, 1/3


- 2nd July 2017, Le Mans (FRA):CIK-FIA Karting Academy Trophy, 2/3


- 23rd July, Alahärmä (FIN): CIK-FIA Karting Academy Trophy, 3/3






For the first time in its history, the 24 Hours of Le Mans Karting was entered on this year's CIK-FIA calendar as the CIK-FIA Endurance Championship. The 31st edition of the famous ACO classic took a major turn with more international participation than ever. The collective will of the ACO and the CIK-FIA is gradually attracting major players in sprint karting to the world of endurance. This change accompanies the emergence of the new OK motors.


This premiere was entirely successful and is poised to become a great CIK-FIAclassic. Of the 31 teams entered, there were 11 in the GP1 category with OK engines. This new generation of high-performance, reliable and affordable enginesdemonstrated their qualities by winning on their debut in the great 24 hour race. The top four were equipped with OK engines and fifth also used a enginefrom the OK concept, even though it was from a branded series.


The tyres supplied by LeCont, the winner of the tender, kept the pace without significant decline in their performance over the laps and the fivesets permitted proved to be quite sufficient to cover the distance.


The CRG SpA team (CRG / Parilla / LeCont) dominated Qualifying Practice and the first three hours of the Race. Manche Kartmag (Tony Kart / Vortex / LeCont) startedin last position and had already returned to the top 10 after only 12 laps and was leading for nearly 100 laps. But the crew of Sarthe RTKF 1 (Sodi / Parilla / LeCont) took almost permanent controlduring the night, completing a total of more than 1,000 laps led of the 1421 lap Race. Only the team Sarthe RTKF 2 was able to challenge them for the final victory before finishing in 2ns place by one lap. Very fast, but delayed on several occasions, Rouen GSK-REK (Sodi / Vortex / LeCont) managed to come back in 3rd position, six laps behind, to complete the podium of the Competition. The semi-official team Energy Corse GTL (Energy / Parilla / LeCont) finished 4th in front of Parma Malevaut Sport (Tony Kart / Vortex DVS / LeCont), winner of the 2nd Division, but using an engine using the OK concept. Long battling in the top three, Wintec Centre (Sodi / Parilla / LeCont) droppedto 6th position in the last two hours.


Sarthe RTKF 1 emerged after 24 hours of racing having travelled 1996 km at 81.9 km / h, including stops, without a single engine breakage.


Info CIK-FIA / © Photo KSP

Video > Winter Cup


Vidéo South Garda Karting




The Spaniard Pedro Hiltbrand this year finally received the just reward for his talent and efforts. After many seasons trying to reach the top, this time he has not done things by half by winning both the CIK-FIA European Championship, in the new OK category and the International Super Cup in KZ2, proving that his talent could be displayed in very different areas. We can compare this feat to that of Max Verstappen in 2013, the last driver to have taken kart titles in direct drive and gearbox.

Pedro, tell about the beginning of your career in karting?

- I made my debut very young in Spain. I was already very motivated because it was absolutely necessary that I learn to continue driving in competition. I was fortunate very early on to have effective supporters who believed in me. I have been able to participate in international competitions since 2009. In KF3, and then KF2 then there was a very high standardas I faced Max Verstappen, Esteban Ocon, Lance Stroll, Pierre Gasly and Charles Leclerc on track... a generation that is now at a high level in cars. I've always been a fast driver, but has been hard to achieve outstanding results.

Was 2016 the year itclicked for you?

- I would not quite say that. Last year I was already fighting for the European KZ2 title. I really was not far from the goal, but I lost time in a Qualifying Heat in the last round and finally I missed out by three points when I had completed two very good meetings before. This year my team (CRG) decided compete in OK for the European Championship. In the past, I preferred to race in KZ2 over KF, but the new OK changed my opinion. It is a very interesting category where we have a lot of fun. In view of the result, I have not regretted it!

Did your first international title win go as expected?

- The entire European Championship was not easy. On the one hand competition was increased and on the other I started with two retirementsat the firstroundat Zuera (ESP) where I am normally very effective. Fortunately, I won at Adria (ITA), finished 3rd at Portimao (PRT) and secured 2nd position at Genk (BEL) to take advantage in the standings over formidable opponents like Tom Joyner and Karol Basz. I will not deny that I felt an immense joy to have finally reached my goal!

And a month later, you win in KZ2!

- Yes, it was fantastic to win the KZ2 International Super Cup in Sweden. The weekend went perfectly from start to finish thanks to a very effective kart. Pole in qualifying, four wins in five heats, Prefinal 1, everything was in place. I lost some time sliding at the lights in the Final and I dropped to 3rd. But success was once again on my side and I was able to impose myself quite clearly against three other CRGs. A dream race and a second international win. I savoured the moment!


When I was young, I dreamed of Formula 1. But I love karting, I like working with all these great people that we need in the discipline. I am very happy to be a professional driver in karting, notvery many achieve it. I'm young, I still have great victories and titles to win before thinking about a conversion, but there is so much to do in karting I'm sure to find a place that suits me later.


Info CIK-FIA / © Photo KSP

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