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"This has been one of the most gratifying and challenging years for the entity we call the F-Series and now the NY Race Complex powered by LeCont."

"It has been a difficult task to create a circuit that will impress even the most hardcore racers while working two programs that promote the growth of the sport. But that has not stopped us from a relentless assault that has proven our team to be the best in the business. From sponsors and shops to supporters we can clearly say this could not have been done without a team effort!"




"It is our pleasure to announce our opening date for NY Race Complex for the 25th of September 2017.

We are beyond excited to share that our F-Series tire supplier LeCont has become a major partner in our vision of creating what we believe will be one of the premier karting facilities in North America. With the facility meeting all the criteria of the FIA approved track list, LeCont will be very active at the circuit to test new and improved tire compounds." Read the press release below.



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International > CIK WSK Promotion



It is a kart racing season as exciting as ever the one which is going to reach its climax in Brandon, the British town in the heart of Lincolnshire which is hosting the CIK-FIA World Championship and the World Junior Championship next weekend. The two competitions are reserved to the drivers of the OK and OK Junior categories: it is the last appointment for World titles of the 2017 season, after that only a week ago, in Wackersdorf (D), the drivers of the KZ battled for their World title, while the KZ2 had its CIK-FIA International Super Cup. This year, too, international kart racing has showed incredibly skilled talents and cutting-edge technology, the real hallmark of this specific branch of Motorsport: this the reason why there are great expectations for the event at the PFi, where the 185 entrants to the two categories are going to challenge each other on the 1,382 metres of the track set not far from the famous town of Nottingham.

Live streaming for the new World Champions.
The award of the two World titles is going to get the usual media coverage provided by the two web channels and The live streaming from the PFi Circuit in Brandon will cover the whole racing programme on Sunday 24th, beginning with the last heats in the morning at 10:30, until the Finals and the podiums in the afternoon. Motorsport.TV will complete the coverage during the following week, with the broadcast of the special TV report featuring the recap of the British weekend.

Sami Taoufik leads the race to the OK title.
Needless to say, in the OK Sami Taoufik from Marrakech (FA Kart-Vortex-LeCont) is the driver to beat after his brilliant victory in the European Championship of the category. However, the 2017 season has been full of surprises so far: just think of the Russian Pavel Bulantsev (Tony Kart-Vortex) who managed to climb up the standings and to become the runner-up of the Championship. Another frontrunner is the Italian Lorenzo Travisanutto (Zanardi-Parilla), always among the top drivers in the European competition and, eventually, third in the final standings. Good chance also for the Polish Karol Basz (Kosmic-Vortex) and the Spanish Pedro Hiltbrand (Tony Kart-Vortex), World Champions of the previous two seasons and both eager to redeem themselves after finishing the European Championship in the first six positions.

Jonny Edgar plays at home in OK Junior.
Jonny Edgar (Exprit-TM-Vega) is going to play a home match: the British driver aims at the Junior World title after his success in the European Championship. However, the OK Junior has always been a rather unpredictable category, so it is needless to point out that we might expect last moment surprises from one of the underdogs taking part in the competition at the PFi. Harry Thompson (FA Kart-Vortex), the runner-up in the European Championship, is the most dangerous rival for his fellow countryman Edgar, while Jack Doohan (FA Kart-Vortex), who seems in good shape in this last stage of the season, also stands a good chance after the third European place he achieved.





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Press > KARTCOM News

A busy summer in 2017 ! Apart from a short break in August, karting was busy during the summer. The CIK-FIA European Championship returned after a long absence in Finland, a country of enthusiasts. The Alahärmä circuit generated many positive reactions from the participants, infusing a spirited rhythm to the competition thanks to a fast, winding and undulating track creating a spectacle. The venue itself was quite stunning, in the middle of a large amusement park. It should be noted that the two winners, Sami Taoufik and Jonny Edgar, were the future European Champions in OK and OK-Junior.



The final European meeting took place its the wake, at Kristianstad the following weekend. The welcome and organisation of the Swedes did not drop in intensity, but it was the weather made it difficult with capricious rain disrupting the competition. None of the 2017 European Champions was able to shine on the Asum Ring, leaving room for four new winners. Finlay Kenneally managed to win in OK, Jack Doohan made a strong impression in OK-Junior, Patrik Hajek brilliantly won KZ and Adrien Renaudin was the star of a KZ2 Final raced on slicks on a very wet track.

The European KZ2 Championship did not reveal great talents, as Leon Köhler has not yet been able to show his full potential, but the other categories have crowned very convincing drivers like Sami Taoufik in OK, Jonny Edgar in OK-Junior, the revelation of the year, and Paolo De Conto, unbeatable in KZ at the wheel of his CRG / TM.

KZ enjoyed a resurgence of participants in early September at Wackersdorf for the World Championship and the final battle between De Conto and Anthony Abbasse kept the suspense going to the end. The Italian imposed himself again, but the Frenchman, barely recovered from his wound at Oviedo, gave him a hard time. The KZ2 Super Cup also put on a show, breaking entry records. The recovery of Alex Irlando and his bold pass on Benjamin Persson at the last corner will be a lasting memory.

In France, the summer was also well filled with Louis Iglesias' double French Cup and Championship in Minime, the superb victory of the Martiniquais Craig Tanic in Cadet, Sami Meguetounif in National and the conclusion of the French Junior Championship to the benefit of Pierre-Louis Chovet.

The coming month will be filled with high-level sporting events, starting with the highly anticipated OK and OK-Junior World Championship in Great Britain at the PFInt'l circuit.


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Pilote > France

Bon pilote Cadet en 2016, Victor Bernier avait pris la 3e place du Championnat de France à Lavelanet et conclu la NSK en 2e position. Il a confirmé son fort potentiel en 2017 alors qu'il passait dans les catégories supérieures. Engagé dans le Championnat de France Junior, Victor a pleinement profité de la formation dispensée par la FFSA Academy pour réaliser une superbe saison. Âgé de tout juste 13 ans, le pilote du Team PB Sport a en effet connu une fort belle réussite dans la catégorie Nationale. Vice-Champion de France à Lohéac, il a remporté la NSK en Nationale Rookie, mais aussi au classement scratch, lors de la dernière épreuve du Val d'Argenton dans des conditions complexes. Il fera donc à nouveau partie du Team France en novembre prochain à Portimao pour la Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals 2017.



Cette saison NSK avait bien commencé par une double victoire en préfinale et finale à Salbris. La 2e épreuve disputée à Varennes sur Allier laissait envisager un excellent résultat puisque Victor dominait les manches qualificatives avant de terminer 2e de la préfinale. Hélas, un accrochage en finale le renvoyait au 19e rang et le privait de points importants au classement de la série. Tout allait donc se jouer au Val d'Argenton qu'il abordait avec un retard de 3 points à combler sur Camille Prouteau.


La météo n'était guère engageante dans les Deux-Sèvres pour la conclusion de la NSK 2017 avec une fraîcheur inhabituelle pour une fin d'été, mais surtout l'arrivée de la pluie le samedi après-midi. Victor suivait un tableau de marche très régulier en remontant depuis son 7e chrono avec le souci constant d'éviter toute erreur lourde de conséquences. 5e de la préfinale, il réussissait un coup de maître en finale et atteignait le podium malgré l'intensité de la course et l'adhérence limitée par la pluie.


À la fois rapide et sûr, il remplissait parfaitement sa mission et remportait le classement de la saison NSK Nationale avec près de 20 points d'avance tandis qu'il était bien entendu couronné meilleur Rookie.



« La compétition du Val d'Argenton n'a pas été facile. », déclarait Victor. « La performance était bonne sans plus. J'ai été relativement prudent pour ne pas perdre mes chances au championnat. J'ai réussi à rejoindre rapidement la 3e position et j'ai tout donné pour la conserver jusqu'au bout. Je suis ravi de participer pour la seconde fois à la Finale mondiale au Portugal dans moins de deux mois en Junior Max. Mais avant cela, j'aurai la chance de prendre le départ du Championnat du Monde OK-Junior en Angleterre le week-end prochain. Je sais que la course va être très difficile et je serais déjà très heureux de réussir à me qualifier pour la finale ! »


En kartman consciencieux, Victor n'oublie pas de remercier les partenaires qui lui permettent de réaliser une jeune carrière pleine de promesses : Kasinos Bretagne (Vannes, Larmor-Plage, Quiberon, Perros-Guirec, St Quay Portieux et Fréhel), Caravaning Central et Sud Loire Caravane du groupe Guinhut, Extrême Limite, City Kart et ses simulateurs F1 à Nantes, Mega Games.


Un grand merci également à PB Kart, Bertrand Péchon et Florian Cador, ainsi que MSR pour les motorisations.



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International > Italy



La Rok Cup International Final 2017 si terrà dal 11 al 14 ottobre presso il circuito South Garda Karting di Lonato.


La gara è iscritta a calendario internazionale CIK-FIA per le categorie Senior Rok, Super Rok, Shifter Rok, invece per le categorie Mini Rok e Junior Rok è inserita quale "gara nazionale a partecipazione straniera".


Mercoledì 11 ottobre: verifiche sportive e prove libere non ufficiali
Giovedì 12 ottobre: prove libere ufficiali, prove di qualificazione, manches di qualificazione
Venerdì 13 ottobre: manches di qualificazione
Sabato 14 ottobre: Finali e Rok Party con premiazioni


Da oggi sono aperte le iscrizioni alla Rok Cup International Final 2017.Non perdete tempo, è importante leggere in ogni parte il modulo che si trova nel sito, assolvere a quanto richiesto ed inviate tutto.

Siete pronti?



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