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International karting to kick off from Adria with the WSK Champions Cup.
The international karting season will resume from Adria, the venue that is set to host the opener of the 2018 season: the first flier announces in fact the WSK Champions Cup, the single round event that once again will attract the main international teams to the Adria Karting Raceway. The Italian circuit will kick off the events by WSK Promotion with the first of the nine rounds to be held on the main Italian circuits.

200 drivers already in the provisional entry lists.

With a few days left to join, the provisional entry lists feature a total of 220 drivers, all set to get to Adria from one of the 38 represented countries of 4 Continents. This event is the best possible opener, as several protagonists have already been active at the circuit of Adria, that will be at the heart of international karting for the next three weeks: the Italian circuit will be busy starting from this weekend with collective winter tests. The first racing weekend to be held on January 28th will then be followed by the first round of the WSK Super Master Series, from February 1st to 4th. 


Live streaming ready for the WSK Champions Cup.
WSK Promotion has scheduled the usual video coverage for the WSK Champions Cup races to be held next weekend. The closing part of the event will be available through the live streaming at The service will broadcast the images of the Prefinals and Finals to be run on Sunday January 28th.



Info WSK Promotion Press Office




Le circuit de Lédenon ne pouvant pas accueillir la 1re épreuve du Championnat de France Long Circuit en 2018, les dates ont cependant été maintenues pour les 19 et 20 mai en attendant de connaître le circuit qui sera retenu. 


Calendrier FFSA Karting 2018


12 et 13 mai : Lavilledieu (07) - Championnat de France Féminin, Coupe de France Senior, Master et Gentleman

19 et 20 mai : Circuit à déterminer - Championnat de France Long Circuit 1/3 - KZ2, KZ2 Master et KZ2 Gentleman

9 et 10 juin : Ancenis (44) - Championnat de France Junior 4/5, Championnat de France Handikart, Coupe de France Cadet

7 et 8 juillet : Anneville (76) - Championnat de France Nationale, Coupe de France KZ2, KZ2 Master, KZ2 Gentleman

14 et 15 juillet : Angerville (91) - Championnat de France Senior, Master et Gentleman

21 et 22 juillet : Soucy (89) - Championnat de France Junior 5/5, Championnat de France Cadet, Coupe de France Minime,

25 et 26 août : Mirecourt (88) - Championnat de France Minime, Coupe de France Nationale
25 et 26 août : Croix en Ternois (62) - Championnat de France Long Circuit 2/3 - KZ2, KZ2 Master et KZ2 Gentleman

15 et 16 septembre: Laval (53) - Coupe de France Rotax Max et Rotax Master

6 et 7 octobre : Varennes sur Allier (03) - Championnat de France KZ2, KZ2 Master, KZ2 Gentleman

10 et 11 novembre : Pau (64) - Championnat de France Long Circuit 3/3 - KZ2, KZ2 Master et KZ2 Gentleman




Team > Birel ART



En préparation de sa saison 2018 de Moto GP, Valentino Rossi est venu parfaire sa condition physique en karting sur le circuit de Migliaro avec Birel ART, jeudi 18 janvier. Le Champion italien a enchainé les tours de la pista Ferrara, longue de 1300 m, en compagnie des membres de la VR Academy. Malgré la température un peu fraîche, l'ambiance était chaude chez ces passionnés de vitesse qui apprécient aussi le pilotage à quatre roues grâce à Birel ART.



Info Kartcom / © Photo Valeyellow46




The new Promoter of the CIK-FIA European and World Championships from 2018 to 2020 has not been slow to take up its role since the FIA's decision was announced in late November. Time is indeed of the essence for RGMMC Group before the start of the season at Sarno (ITA) in April 2018. In frequent contact with the CIK-FIA, James Geidel, President of RGMMC Group, took advantage of one of his many visits to the FIA in Geneva to discuss the main lines of future action.


Mr. Geidel, first of all, how did you convince the FIA to choose the RGMMC Group?

- It has given us great satisfaction to have convinced the FIA of the validity of our proposals. This is a significant challenge that we will have to take up. As Jean Todt, the President of the FIA, told us in a recent interview, we need to succeed. We are aware that the task will not be easy, but we have strong cards to play. RGMMC Group has always wanted to reach the highest level of Karting with the CIK-FIA Championships. We will count on the vast experience of our whole team in the organisation and promotion of Competitions. RGMMC Group has been involved in this activity for 15 years, mainly in international Karting series.


What are your priority objectives?

- High level karting has followed the evolution of the modern world in many ways. Although its interest, both technical and sporting, has never faltered, its success with the public and sponsors is no longer up to the challenge. This is an exciting but expensive sport that deserves a better audience. We will focus part of our effort on communication by using the interactivity of social networks, getting the public back on the tracks, putting contacts with the national and local press back into the spotlight, and especially by ensuring a broad and real TV audience for this spectacular sport. This extensive media coverage is the key element in attracting new partners to the CIK-FIA Competitions. Karting needs new resources, both for its organisation and for the professionals and Drivers who are the main players.


How are you going to achieve your goals?

- It is too early to announce our entire strategy, because we are in the process of preparation. The time limit is very short and we are focusing for the moment on the crucial points. Our collaboration with the services of the CIK-FIA is already very productive and everyone is working hard for the season to start under the best auspices. The organisation of the Competitions is a subject that we control. We have plenty of ideas for developing Karting. The knowledge of my father, Roland Geidel, the founder of RGMMC Group, regarding the sponsorship will be very useful, while I am well placed from the top of my 31 years to breathe the dynamism and sense of innovation necessary for the development of the discipline.


We are very committed to a constant dialogue between the various parties involved. The CIK-FIA, the national federations, the organisers, the Drivers, the professionals and the media are our main points of contact. We will not succeed without gathering all energy around the future of Karting. We will start by promoting a new, more convivial atmosphere in the paddock and provide ASNs as well as existing partners with a VIP reception structure to increase their participation in CIK-FIA events. The live-streaming will be more extensive, from Friday to Sunday, with many topics related to the Race, and we will simultaneously cover subjects in several languages ??ready to be broadcast on television. Of course, we are working in many other directions, but I cannot say more for the moment. We will know more by the first Competition at Sarno.


Do you have other longer-term projects?

- We obviously have a longer-term vision for Karting Competition. We must first prove ourselves in the field before we can participate more actively in the evolution of this exciting sport. But it is certain that we intend to contribute to the future of Karting alongside the CIK-FIA, the ASNs and the industry. We are aiming for an increase in the number of participants and we have ideas for cost reduction. Our contract as a promoter runs for three years, so the countdown has already started to reach our ambitions.


Info CIK-FIA / © Photo KSP

Team > Birel ART



The Birel ART brand and the Racing Team are approaching the 2018 season with great ambitions after having learned the lessons of the 2017 season and its many positive points. Technically and organisationally, everything is in place for the great Italian manufacturer to return to a long tradition of victories on all terrains.


Designed in the light of the racing experience from recent seasons, the new Birel ART and Ricciardo Kart S9 chassis were recently homologated for the period 2018-2020 and have already confirmed their potential in testing to lead drivers to success. The development phase continues on schedule until the opening competitions of the year.

The Birel ART Racing Team has changed its face with the arrival of a great Karting figure at its head, replacing the much appreciated Rickard Kaell Franchini. "Nicolas Todt and I are particularly pleased to welcome our new Team Manager, Davide Foré," said Ronni Sala, President of Birel ART. "The incredible experience from more than 30 years of racing by the five-time World Champion, his close knowledge of racing and his still-intact desire to win made Davide Foré a recruit of choice for our team."




"It's a source of great pride for me to join a brand as prestigious as Birel ART," confided Davide Foré. "It's also a very exciting new challenge which I'm going to meet with great enthusiasm. I am convinced that we have beautiful pages in the history of Karting to write together with Birel ART. I am determined to use all my experience as a driver, a technician and a driver manager in order to succeed in this great challenge. I know that I can count on the team to gradually take the measure of my task."

An intrinsic part of the quest for victory, the 2018 lineup of Birel ART Racing Team drivers has no shortage of assets. The superb performances of Marijn Kremers (NLD) in KZ and Riccardo Longhi (ITA) in KZ2 last year will make them the team's stalwarts ??this season alongside Alexander Dahlberg (SWE). Rick Dreezen (BEL) will also defend the colours of Birel ART under the banner of the KSW Birel Austria team, while Kremers will also have an OK programme.

Luigi Coluccio (ITA) will be a rookie to watch in OK alongside Valentino Fritsch (DEU), Gustav Grinbergas (POL), Matey Kacosky (CZE), Samuel Lupien (CAN) and Marco Settimo (ITA), within Team Kubica. Francesco Pizzi (ITA), Thomas Ten Brinke (NLD) and Thomas Nepveu (CAN) will embody the hopes of the brand in OK-Junior.

The Birel ART Racing Team will race a comprehensive programme of international events in 2018 which will begin at the end of January with the WSK Champions Cup in Adria. The greatest titles in Europe and worldwide, in all categories, are in focus for the famous Lissone brand in the CIK-FIA European Championship and World Championship, as well as in the different series of the WSK and the German Championship for some of the drivers, and classics like the Winter Cup.



Info - Photo Birel ART

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