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Martijn Van Leeuwen (Zanardi / Parilla) only just started and did not join the pack at the lights. Karol Basz (Tony Kart / Vortex) went on the grass before the bridge and got away very behind. In front, Callum Ilott (Zanardi / Parilla) quickly went ahead of Nicklas Nielsen (Kosmic / Vortex), but Pedro Hiltbrand (CRG / Parilla) took the lead. Mark Litchfield (Kosmic / TM) attacked for second position in front of Ilott and Nielsen. Julien Darras (ART GP / TM) was 5th ahead of Lando Norris (FA Kart / Vortex), Tom Joyner (Zanardi / Parilla) and Paolo Besancenez (Tony Kart / TM). Gabriel Aubry (Tony Kart / Vortex) lost ground in 18th position and Felice Tiene (CRG / Parilla) was missing from the second lap.

Ilott returned to the lead on lap 4 while Besancenez in 7th behind Joyner and Jehan Daruvala (FA Kart / Vortex) passed Oliver Norris (FA Kart / Vortex). Darras took 4th, Besancenez 6th and Aubry emerged from an agitated group in 15th position. Ilott, followed by his shadow Litchfield, distanced Nielsen by 1.5 '. Lando Norris pushed to get back with the top three and Besancenez went 5th ahead of Joyner, Hiltbrand and Darras then Josh Price (Tony Kart / Vortex) and Niko Kari (Tony Kart / Vortex). Ilott won without a problem from Litchfield and Nielsen, and the positions changed little during the last few laps. Basz recovered to 16th, Nikita Mazepin (Tony Kart / Vortex) 20th, and Daruvala closed the list.



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The KF Junior Prefinal started in the sun, but with a collision at the entrance of the bridge that required the 'Slow' procedure and then the red flag, while only one lap had been completed. The new grid was identical to its predecessor except for the drivers affected by the incident. Logan Sargeant (FA Kart / Vortex) managed to reach the gate bravely pushing his machine, but from the last row. Archie Tillett (CRG / TM) and Sophia Floersch (FA Kart / Vortex) were missing.

The race resumed 20 minutes later, after the ambulance had left. David Beckmann (Tony Kart / Parilla) soon escaped ahead of a group of four including Benjamin Lessennes (Kosmic / Parilla), Rasmus Lindh (Praga / Parilla), Enaam Ahmed (FA Kart / Vortex) and Max Fewtrell (FA Kart / Vortex). Juan Correa (Energy / TM) dropped to 28th position and Felipe Drugovich (Energy / TM) 32nd. Ahmed grabbed second position. Lessennes retired on the third lap. Rokas Baciuska (Energy / TM) fought with Lindh for 3rd position. Beckmann was still 0.5 seconds ahead of Ahmed who was closing, while the lead group was ahead by over 2.5s. Presley Martono (Tony Kart / Parilla) got a black flag on lap 6.




Ahmed attacked Beckmann braking during the ninth of the 11 laps of the race. Mick Junior (Tony Kart / Vortex), up to fifth threatened Lindh and passed before the last corner, followed by Max Fewtrell (FA Kart / Vortex). Ahmed won ahead of Beckmann, Bacisuka too, third position, Mick Junior finished 4th, Fewtrell 5th, Lindh 6th and Lorenzo Travisanutto (PCR / TM) 7th. There was a good recovery of 10 places for Alexander Vartanyan (Tony Kart / Vortex) and 8th for Leonardo Lorandi (Tony Kart / Parilla) in 10th. Joshua Smith recovered no less than 19 places to 14th. Correa was 15th, Devlin Defrancesco (Tony Kart / Vortex) 19th.



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International > CIK WSK Promotion


#29 – August 30th, 2014


The selection on the PF International circuit of Brandon continues: tomorrow afternoon we will know the names of the winners of the KF and KFJ CIK-FIA European Championship. The rain, which influenced yesterday's qualifying, was substituted by today's sunshine. A gentle breeze made the temperature raise up to over 19 degrees. So, the twenty heats run today were characterized by a totally new climate. A new hard test for all the drivers taking part in this fourth and last round of the Championship.  Once again the race towards the CIK-FIA European Titles is thrilling and uncertain, even before tomorrow's finals. The facility which hosts the event, created by Mr Paul Fletcher, is set in the greenest part of Lincolnshire: a perfect stage for a final, unpredictable sprint.

Ilott in pursuit of the KF title.
The English Callum Ilott (Zarardi-Parilla-Dunlop), in KF, seems the driver who stands the best chance to grab the title in this thrilling finale of season. The Londoner won two heats today, while the Danish Nicklas Nielsen (Kosmic-Vortex-Dunlop), the current leader of the championship, won once after a positive streak of results within the first three positions. The two drivers, separated by only four points, will occupy the front row in tomorrow's Prefinal, with Ilott in pole position. The race to the victory, in the last round of Brandon, is still very uncertain: also Litchfield, today, managed to win twice. He will fill the third slot on the starting grid; next to him the Polish Karol Basz (Tony Kart-Vortex-Dunlop). The latter won one of the heats, as well as the British Lando Norris (FA Kart-Vortex-Dunlop) and Oliver Hodgson (Kosmic-TM-Dunlop), the Indian Jehan Daruvala (FA Kart-Vortex-Dunlop) and the Italian Felice Tiene (CRG-Parilla-Dunlop). Great expectations for a spectacular final!

Beckman challenges Ahmed in KFJ.
In KF Junior, the German David Beckmann (Tony Kart-Parilla-Vega) aims at remaining the only opponent of the championship leader, the English Enaam Ahmed (FA Kart-Vortex-Vega), in the race towards the European Title. He won two of the ten heats run today. The final sprint is going to be tough: Ahmed replied winning two races as well, but a drawback in one of the other heats made him drop back to the fourth row of the grid in the Prefinal. Between the two main protagonists we find the Belgian Benjamin Lessennes (Kosmic-Parilla-Vega)  and  the  American Juan Correa (Energy-TM-Vega): they both won two heats and, even if they are currently further from the top of the championship, they still stand a good chance. The same can be said for the English Max Fewtrell (FA Kart-Vortex-Vega), who won a heat, while the German Mick Junior (Tony Kart-Vortex-Vega), winner in one of the heats too, can still aim at the leadership thanks to his fourth position in the drivers' standing, 14 points behind Ahmed. The pole-sitter of the Prefinal is  Beckmann, with Lessennes in second position. Second row for The Swedish Rasmus Lindh (Praga-Parilla-Vega) and the Brazilian Felipe Drugovich (Kosmic-Vortex-Vega). The English Daniel Ticktum (Zanardi-Parilla-Vega) and the American Devlin Defrancesco (Tony Kart-Vortex-Vega), Ahmed's closest pursuers in the championship, are a bit behind, with Defrancesco obliged to go through the repechage.

Don't miss the images of the Championship.
The cameras of WSK Promotion are ready for the live streaming of the event. The broadcast will start at 11.00 am (local time) with the drivers' parade. The live streaming will continue until the end of the finals. On Wednesday 3rd September, at 18.00, the delayed broadcast of the event on Rai Sport 2. Always on the same channel, on Friday 5th, the usual TV report with the recap of the whole weekend.



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International > CIK-FIA European Championship



Twice victorious, Callum Ilott (Zanardi / Parilla) leads the classification after the heats ahead of his main rival for the title, Nicklas Nielsen (Kosmic / Vortex). In his homeland, Mark Litchfield (Kosmic / TM) is in a superb third place, ahead of Karol Basz (Tony Kart / Vortex) and Oliver Hodgson (Kosmic / TM). Vying for the championship, Tom Joyner (Zanardi / Parilla) is 8th ahead of the top French Julien Darras (ART GP / TM) and Felice Tiene (CRG / Parilla), a candidate for the final victory. Not very lucky, Lando Norris (FA Kart / Vortex) is 11th and Alessio Lorandi (Tony Kart / Parilla) 12th. The French Gabriel Aubry (Tony Kart / Vortex) and Paolo Besancenez (Tony Kart / TM) are in 14th and 15th positions. Niko Kari (Tony Kart / Vortex) way back in 25th place. The Russians Nikita Mazepin (Tony Kart / Vortex), Egor Stupenkov (Tony Kart / TM) and Nikita Sitnikov (Kosmic / Vortex) need to go through the Repechage.

David Beckmann (Tony Kart / Parilla) finishes at the top of the qualifying heats of the European Championship for KF-Junior at PFI with a total of 4 points, against 7 for Benjamin Lessennes (Kosmic / Parilla). A reward for its consistency, Rasmus Lindh (Praga / Parilla) is in third position ahead of Felipe Drugovich (Kosmic / Vortex) and Rokas Baciuska (Energy / TM). The leader of the provisional classification Enaam Ahmed (FA Kart / Vortex) took 7th place, Mick Junior (Tony Kart / Vortex ) 12th, Logan Sargeant (FA Kart / Vortex) 13th, Daniel Ticktum (Zanardi / Parilla) 16th, and Devlin Defrancesco (Tony Kart / Vortex) 29th which puts him in the repechage.



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H7 A / C: Litchfield again

At the front, the race was a fight between Mark Litchfield (Kosmic / TM), Karol Basz (Tony Kart / Vortex) and Josh Price (Tony Kart / Vortex) before Litchfield took a decisive advantage. Behind it was more complicated. Oliver Norris (FA Kart / Vortex) and Jehan Daruvala (FA Kart / Vortex) ended up on the grassy slope at the exit of the bridge. Gabriel Aubry (Tony Kart / Vortex), with the fastest lap, took fourth ahead of his compatriot Julien Darras (ART GP / TM) who held off Tom Joyner (Zanardi / Parilla).

H8 D / E: Hodgson wins

The race was uncertain until the end. Egor Stupenkov (Tony Kart / TM) enlivened the battle with daring attacks but a warning at the end. Pedro Hiltbrand (CRG / Parilla) battled against Oliver Hodgson ahead of Felice Tiene (CRG / Parilla), who set the fastest lap, and held the advantage almost to the finish. But Hodgson retook the lead while Tiene retired on the final lap, leaving Stupenkov to cross the line in second position ahead of Hiltbrand, Martijn Van Leeuwen (Zanardi / Parilla) and Nikita Mazepin (Tony Kart / Vortex). There was a beautiful 7th from Hannah Pym (Tony Kart / TM) and a big rise of 10 places for Xia Yifan (Tony Kart / TM) in 9th.




H9 A / D: Tiene on the last lap

The race was led first by Oliver Norris (FA Kart / Vortex) and Josh Price (Tony Kart / Vortex) before Felice Tiene (CRG / Parilla) completed his nine-place rise to first position. Oliver Hodgson (Kosmic / TM) retained his third place, but Gabriel Aubry (Tony Kart / Vortex) lost fourth and came out wide over a curb on the last lap. Norris took over 4th followed by Mark Litchfield (Kosmic / TM) and Niko Kari (Tony Kart / Vortex), who set the fastest lap.

H10 B / C: Nielsen ahead of the fray

The last heat of KF was strange. Alessio Lorandi (Tony Kart / Parilla) started in front as he knows well, Callum Ilott (Zanardi / Parilla) quickly moved on him with Lando Norris (FA Kart / Vortex) on his tail and was soon second behind the Italian who defended. Ilott then savagely attacked Norris, leaving Nielsen to recover the second position and then first Lorandi disappeared on lap 8. So we thought Karol Basz (Tony Kart / Vortex) would threaten 2nd placed Tom Joyner (Zanardi / Parilla) but Ilott ended up overtaking. Julien Darras (ART GP / TM) preserved a wise 5th place ahead of Daniel Lundgaard (Tony Kart / Vortex) who moved up from way back and Paolo Besancenez (Tony Kart / TM) finished in 7th position.



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