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The official debut of the CRG FS4 Karts pushed by the 4Strokes Briggs & Stratton engine has taken place last September 30th in Pomposa, when more than 70 motorsport enthusiasts had the chance to test the kart on track. The FS4 Karts by CRG have been protagonist again in the weekend of October 7-8 in an invite race promoted by Endas in occasion of the National Finals in Corridonia.




Following these two events, 15 drivers and some journalists challenged each other in a promotional support race to the Rental Kart Contest by CRG at the circuit of Lignano on October 15th. All these early experiences on track confirmed the goodness of the project and all the drivers gave positive feedback, highlighting in particular the great strong points of the Kart devised by CRG: it is definitely fun to drive, thanks to the reduced weight of the "racing" chassis (that weighs only 70kg including engine and tyres) and to the excellent performance of the engine, two highlights that are combined with its ease of use and very low running costs.


The engine does not need any maintenance for a lot of hours, and only some tuning is allowed on the chassis without any chance to replace axle shafts, hubs, spindles and other components. These features allow everybody to manage this kart on track without the help of technicians or professionals, which contributes to keep running costs low.

One of the strong points of the project is also the competitive activity around these karts. CRG has devised a series of local events on medium-small circuit where the presence of entry level practitioners is higher. This is to reach out to the highest possible number of karting enthusiasts and to involve them in these competitions.


To make the competition more appealing, each race will award a score that will be valid for the National Raking. This will allow the strongest drivers to take part in a National Final and an International Final open to the best drivers qualified in the Briggs & Stratton events from all over the world.


Currently, the name of the first 8 official dealers has been announced, but further sale points will follow in order to reach a capillary sales network with 10-12 resellers covering the whole national territory.


Regarding communication and customer care, CRG has already been active on the social channels (on FaceBook at Briggs Kart Championship) and the official website ( will go live soon. The racing activity will be unveiled in November and it will cover 4 national zones: north, center, south and Sicily.


As said, these regional events will be followed by a National Final and an International Final, both directly managed by CRG.

Please send an email to for any commercial inquiries or questions regarding the Briggs Kart Championship.

Customer care: +39.030.9912604 -
Facebook: Briggs Kart Championship


Authorized dealers: Brianza Karting (Carate Brianza), FG Racing (Udine), Circuito di Pomposa (Ferrara), Pista Le Sirene (Viverone), Happy Valley (Cervia), Raceland (Vicenza), Turriziani Kart (Frosinone), Tom Racing (Sicilia);



Info & Photo CRG SpA Press Office

Evenement National > National Series Karting



Au programme, trois meetings qui se déroulent sur les pistes parmi les plus belles de France :


NSK 1 - 3 & 4 mars 2018 : Le Mans
NSK 2 - 5 & 6 mai 2018: Varennes sur Allier
NSK 3 - 30 juin & 1er juillet 2018: Salbris


Rendez-vous prochainement sur le site



Info NSK 




Suite à la réunion du Comité Directeur de la FFSA du 18 octobre 2017, le nouveau Président de la Commission Nationale de Karting est désormais connu. Il s'agit de Michel Guignard, Président de la Ligue de Karting Ile-de-France qui prendra ses fonctions à partir de 2018. 


La CNK est également passée de 16 à 14 membres en conservant la plupart de ses cadres. Toutefois, un membre non issu du corps des Présidents de Ligue fait son entrée en la personne d'Anthony Abbasse.


La FFSA va prochainement communiquer de manière officielle sur ce sujet.



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Karting Loisir > Belgique



Des bagarres à tous les étages, des écarts infimes, de beaux champions... Le Belgian Indoor Karting Championship ne pouvait pas rêver mieux pour conclure sa première saison en apothéose à Mol ! Après les karts Sodi à Eupen et Puurs puis les PGKZ à boîte de vitesses à Machelen, les participants en ont cette fois décousu sur les Dinokart 7CV de la piste Mol In Action.

Outre l'intensité sportive ayant marqué ce rendez-vous dans la Province d'Anvers, on pouvait se réjouir du respect entre les pilotes et de la bonne ambiance ayant régné sur l'ensemble de ce championnat reconnu pour la première année par le RACB Sport. De bon augure pour 2018 !


Lire le communiqué complet ci-dessous et visiter le site





Info BIKC / © Photo Marc-Alexandre Stordeur

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