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International > WSK



The karting paddock at Adria is reflected in the covered area for the car circuit which hosts the WSK Final Cup and F4 Italia this weekend. In both cases, there's no need to wear boots or to get dirty feet ...





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Video > Belgique


La saison 2014 de la Belgian ASAF Karting Series s'est terminée dimanche dernier sur la piste du Karting des Fagnes de Mariembourg lors du traditionnel Challenge La Victoire. Le reportage vidéo est déjà disponible pour revivre en images le succès d'Amaury Bonduel dans cette épreuve, mais aussi les luttes pour les titres dans les diverses catégories. Comme toujours, toutes les catégories sont à l'honneur avec des interviews des champions de la saison 2014. A partager autour de vous !



Vidéo ASAF

Pilot > Dorian Boccolacci

The final race of the season in F4 for Dorian Boccolacci ended in style with a superb performance in race 3 which made up for mechanical problems at the beginning of the weekend. Dorian achieved his goal by finishing second in the French Championship in the International Series and won the Junior French Championship.




But before we arrived at that happy ending, the tension peaked three times at Le Castellet. The first warning was during free practice on Friday morning with an engine failure after only three laps. "It was not esay for me!" said the driver. "Everyone improved their lap on new tyres while I was still learning the track. I still managed a good time with three laps to go ... "


"In race 1, I started sixth because of my second fastest time in qualifying. We were all in the same boat and there was not much of a fight. I took 5th place at the start and I kept it to the finish."At Le Castellet, the goal was to keep Dorian in 2nd place in the Championship against Hirsiger, but the Anglo-Swiss dominated the end of the first race. Dorian was betting on race 2 and the reverse grid to increase his advantage. That's almost what happened, especially when Hirsiger retired after a collision on the first lap. "As always in race 2, the start was heated. I avoided several skirmishes and I was determined not to take risks so as to score points in the Championship. I was in sixth position when my engine showed signs of weakness. I decided to pit instead of risking everything." This time it was a twisted valve which required the replacement of the head of the engine.


On Sunday morning, there was only one race to go, the very last of the season and he was still ahead of Dorian Hirsiger in the standings, as well as on the starting grid with the advantage of new tyres. There was again drama complicating the situation, and Dorian's car would not start on time and he was left alone in the paddock of the Auto Sport Academy for several minutes while all of the other competitors were already in on the pre-grid. Finally, the engineers were able to make the 4 cylinders roar and Dorian was able to reach the gate in time. With nothing to lose, he was on the attack from the lights while his opponent was last.


Dorian then realized that his car was running better than ever and overtook O'Ward for third position, the slipstream giving him the fastest lap of the race, four tenths faster than the next fastest. He decided to give it everything and closed in on Sorensen. The French driver attacked the Dane on the last lap and even passed a few hundred metres from the finish line, but the defending champion took advantage of the wide runoffs of the Paul Ricard circuit to keep 2nd place.


In any case, Dorian will finally showed he was able to outperform the best, and those more experienced than him. With a title of Vice-Champion of France in the international F4 series and the Junior Champion, the balance of the season is very positive for the young driver from the Lotus F1 Junior Team who will soon start preparing to move to a higher category.



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Team > SODI

This is the second consecutive year that Sodi has dominated the French National Championship. Last year, Anthony Fotia won after a close fight. In 2014, a young pilot who has just moved up from Cadet took his Sodi S3 to the title in the most competitive category in France.




Everybody was unanimous in praising the first season in National 150 for Adrien Renaudin. French Vice-Champion in Cadet in 2013, Adrien didn't take long to adapt to the new category. Faithful to Sodi, Adrien was joined at the Pro Kart Racing Team by Dominique Chech who took third place in the NSK, while another PRK driver, Nicolas Picot, won Rotax Max.



Read the full press-release below.



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Circuit > Italy



It's impossible not to think of the Bahrain track when you see the new Italian track at Adria. Located an hour southwest of Venice, the karting circuit, which is integrated into the car racing complex, still smells of fresh paint. But the first impression is no less impressive!

Bahrain set the standard here for run-offs - concrete and gravel - for lighting and especially for the infrastructure. Stands along the start straight in the style of Le Mans are topped with superbly equipped rooms and a building with two corridors. The paddock, fully cemented, is glowing.

In short, the Adria Karting Raceway may well become a benchmark among the new circuits. We will check with the drivers during the racing as to the quality of the track which is quite classic (which is far from being a criticism) and is 1289 m long by 9 to 10m wide.



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