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A young 13-year-old Dutch driver, Richard Verschoor had not so far had a chance to shine in international competition since his debut in 2011. His notable participation in the CIK-FIA Karting Academy Trophy gave him a deserved success. Very mature for his age, a strategist as well as a fast Driver, he used his strength of mind to stay in the lead on the finish line of the last Final despite pressure from a much more experienced opponent behind him. A good career now opens up to him.




Why did you participate in the CIK-FIA Karting Academy Trophy this year?
- I was selected by the Dutch federation who also helped me to take part in the three races. It was a good opportunity for me to race at international level and TKM compare myself with Drivers from around the world.


What do you think of this Competition?
- This formula is very interesting. The standard was very high with lots of very fast drivers. We raced on almost equal terms, for example the engines were swapped repeatedly at Sarno. I really enjoyed the introduction of the new front spoiler attachments at Wackersdorf. Races are much more fair now.


How did the last Competition go for you in Italy?
- I held 4th place on arrival at Sarno. It was not decided! Fortunately, everything worked out well. I took Pole Position in Qualifying and I stayed second until the Prefinal. It was tense in the Final with Berkay Besler lurking in my wake, from the start to the penultimate lap. It was absolutely necessary for me to win, and I won!


Plans for 2015?
- I would like to race in the KF category, but the budget is too high without some partners to help. So I do not know yet ...


(Extract from CIK-FIA 2014 Best-of)



Info CIK / © Photo KSP

Reportage > KSP

Le reportage complet de la WSK Gold Cup 2015 et les photos des pilotes sont en ligne sur le site de l'Agence KSP.




L'Agence KSP élue "MEILLEUR PHOTOGRAPHE" CIK-FIA 2007, 2008, 2011, 2012 & 2013.



Info Kartcom / © Photo KSP

International > CIK

Some voices in the world of karting have tempered the chorus of praise after the first international events in 2015 with new spoiler support homologated by the CIK-FIA. Beyond the unquestionable efficiency of the system in limiting deliberate contact, a significant proportion of the manufacturers and major teams want to draw the attention of the federal authorities to two major points, the first being safety. Kartcom has transcribed their views here.




Two incidents have occurred, one during the Winter Cup and the other at the WSK Gold Cup, where the spoiler got caught under the kart. At Lonato, it was followed by a forward roll, fortunately not serious for the driver. This is still an isolated incident. Moreover, these experienced professionals question the impact absorption capacity of a spoiler that has dropped or when it slides sideways after an impact that isn't completely from the front. Originally planned to reduce the force of an impact, the spoiler no longer fulfills its role completely.

These professionals also have reservations about the sporting fairness of the new regulations. On the one hand, the penalties repeatedly distributed for incidents that have not corresponded to intentionally unsporting behaviour, but more racing incidents, a situation accentuated by the use of harder tyres or when the track is slippery.

In addition, they noticed changes in stiffness between spoilers from different manufacturers, some absorbing a significant impact, while others drop at the slightest touch.

To be continued ...



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Pilote > Hadrien David

L'Open de la série "Stars of Karting" à Laval représentait la première grande épreuve de niveau national de la saison 2015. Le jeune Hadrien David n'a pas manqué ce prologue en dominant le meeting de la tête et des épaules.



Quelles que soient les conditions - pluie ou sec -, Hadrien David n'a pas quitté la première place durant les deux jours de course: pole position, victoire dans ses deux manches de qualification, puis en préfinale et enfin en finale avec une avance conséquente.

Révélation chez les Minimes la saison passée, le pilote du team CBK se place d'entrée parmi les grands favoris de cette catégorie des 9-12 ans. Sur le plan mental et physique, Hadrien est apparu aussi affûté que son matériel. Cela promet pour ce jeune talent de la Charente-Maritime.



Info Kartcom / © Photo DR

International > Germany



In two months the new season of the German Kart Championship is going to start at the Prokart Raceland Wackersdorf. In the run-up to the races, the new homologation of the front spoiler is already causing discussions though. In 2015, all valid and homologated systems can be used in the DKM.  


There are changes regarding the technical regulations though. Due to the start of a new homologation phase (2015 - 2020), there is a new holding fixture for the front spoiler (Front Fairing Mounting Kit).This provides that the front spoiler mechanism is activated by a collision with a speed difference of 7km/h and the front spoiler drags on the track. It still fulfills its safety function though.

While the driver in question has to drive into the pit for the reparation to avoid a 30-seconds-penalty at the CIK-FIA championships, this mandatory measure does not exist at the international races of the DKM for now. An activated spoiler mechanism prompts the spectators of the race control to an acute inspection. When a lack of sportsmanship is detected the guilty driver can get a penalty after the race.

Simultaneously three previous spoiler systems with a conventional fastening system are also homologated until 2017, which can be used in the DKM as well. These are systems by the manufacturers KG (1/CA/17), COMER (5/CA/17) and PCR (97/CA/17). All other body kits that have lost their homologation at the end of 2014 are not allowed in the DKM anymore. By using the previous system, possible lacks of sportsmanship can be clarified and given penalties by the race control as well. When using the newly homologated front spoilers (2015 - 2020), the fastening with the corresponding Front Fairing Mounting Kit is mandatory.


Read the presse release below.



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