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The transfer to the US was particularly fruitful for the CRG team. Jonathan Thonon and Max Verstappen strengthened their leadership in KZ2 and KF3, while Super KF showed a promising gain in performances. The American round of the WSK World Series confirmed the excellent state of form of CRG/Maxter karts, in front of a crowd of their enthusiastic supporters.




On the fast circuit of Millville, in New Jersey, Max Verstappen took up the reins of KF3 again, after he was swindled by fate - and the yellow flags - at the Portuguese round in Portimao. In the lead already during qualifying heats, Max fought with all his talent in the two races to launch his CRG/Maxter towards victory. High equipment effectiveness also allowed Antonio Fuoco to show his talent for the first time with his new colours, with two nice recoveries that finished with an encouraging 4th place.




In KZ2, Jonathan Thonon proved again he is the absolute master of the category, with a combative Gary Carlton on his heels, both of them well ahead of their pursuers, with a double success in the final that allowed them to monopolise the first two places of the drivers' standings. Like in KF3, CRG now is in the lead of the constructors' standings.


Michelle Gatting achieved no winning performances in the KF2 heats after her second best time in timed qualifying. A series of problems during the race prevented her from getting the results she deserved, but in the hands of the young Danish girl the CRG/Maxter showed a formidable potential.




Arnaud Kozlinski and Davide Forè were able to fight in the lead pack in Super KF. 3rd in timed qualifying and 3rd at the end of the heats, the French driver climbed back to second place in the pre-final before a collision in the final. His recovery says a lot about CRG/Maxter current performances. It was then Davide Forè who took the torch back to conclude in 5th place.



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Evenement International > DR RACING France


Julien Poncelet & Pascal Belmaaziz


La marque DR et le team DR France ne sont pas passés inaperçus lors du dernier GPO à Lyon. Tout d'abord avec le retour de Julien Poncelet dans une compétition officielle de karting. L'ancien Champion d'Europe a dû reprendre ses marques et découvrir son nouveau matériel. Remonté en 6e position le samedi en KF2, il espérait améliorer son résultat le dimanche avant de subir la fougue du peloton.

Pour sa première course au volant d'un DR-Parilla, Pascal Belmaaziz a également été victime du freinage manqué d'un pilote.


En KZ2, Brice De Gaye a réussi sa meilleure performance en 2010. Il est revenu successivement 10e en pré-finale et 7e en finale, en tournant à tout juste un dixième des temps du vainqueur. "Brice était très satisfait du comportement de son châssis et son résultat démontre le potentiel du nouveau Parilla KZ", déclarait Philippe Lauriot, son team manager.


Les couleurs DR ont également brillé au Championnat de France KF3. Déjà bon 4e le premier jour, Florian Latorre (Eurokarting) a été en mesure de monter sur la 3e marche du podium le dimanche.



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09/08/10 - 09:24



Simultaneously with the launching of its new "U18" World Championship and Academy Trophy for 13-15 year-olds, the CIK-FIA adorns itself with a new communication and educational tool by extending the exploitation of the pictures supplied by the miniature cameras attached to every kart.

In September 2009, the CIK-FIA introduced the systematic use of on-board cameras. The initial intention was to provide the officials of events with the means to analyse racing facts in order to improve Drivers' track discipline. The recourse to on-board cameras has yielded the instantaneous effect of making Drivers aware of their responsibilities. Knowing that they are "monitored", the latter have adopted a much more fair play behaviour. The quality of races, the respect of opponents, fair play and safety: the benefits have been manifold.


Last winter, backed up by the fruitful experience conducted in 2009, the CIK-FIA acquired 300 new cameras, in HD format. All the karts will henceforth permanently be equipped with them in the CIK-FIA Championship, Cup and Trophy events. Thanks to the switching over to HD, we can go beyond the plain function of Drivers observation. It will henceforth allow media broadcasting and a pedagogical exploitation of pictures. The quality of the video recordings is such that it can meet the demands of television channels. Eurosport will integrate some footage supplied by these miniature HD cameras (weighing less than 200 grams!) into the magazines dedicated to its coverage of the three rounds of the "U18" World Championship.




As for the CIK-FIA, it is pioneering a new Internet platform, namely This website dedicated to moving pictures will provide videos of every participant in the "U18" World Championship and in the Academy Trophy. From the first event, held at Wackersdorf, a minimum of one racing lap of each Driver + some so-called ‘‘best of'' footage are presented, showing that Karting races are incredibly hotly contested and spectacular. From the second round, scheduled for Alcañiz in Spain, the best lap time achieved in timed practice by each Driver will be on-line and a ‘‘multiple-screen'' option will enable the Driver to compare his performance with the pole-man's in simultaneous pictures. This is a fine way of comparing everyone's driving styles, racing lines or dexterity, and to draw from it an analysis in order to progress.


" With, the CIK-FIA is reinforcing the pedagogical dimension that it was determined to give to these new Championships; it is also adding a practical tool to its more theoretical educational programme called ‘‘EduKart'', explained Nicolas Deschaux, President of the CIK-FIA. In addition to being instructive for the Drivers and their teams, the on-line broadcasting to the public at large of these pictures on the Internet is an exceptional showcase for the promotion of our sport and the ideal conveyor to demonstrate to what extent competition Karting is spectacular and formative. The pictures perfectly mirror the speed effect that one feels a few centimetres from the ground, the vehicle's vivacity and the epitome of close racing which is a distinctive feature of Karting. "



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Internet > KARTCOM

08/08/10 - 07:00

C'est les vacances !



L'équipe Kartcom/KSP ne répond plus ! A l'heure actuelle, elle savoure un repos bien mérité au bord de l'eau. Quelques actualités vont continuer à alimenter le site Kartcom pour ceux qui s'ennuieraient en août, mais l'activité ne reprendra vraiment qu'en vue du Championnat du Monde M18 d'Alcaniz, à la fin du mois.


Pour récompenser les fidèles du site, Kartcom vous propose un petit jeu... Un tirage KSP de son choix, au format 50x75, sera offert au premier qui identifiera précisément le lieu de la photo illustrant cette note (ou qui s'en approchera le plus) et enverra sa réponse par mail à


Bonnes vacances à tous et rendez-vous fin août pour le plein d'informations karting sur Kartcom.



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Presse > Auto Hebdo

06/08/10 - 12:50

Auto hebdo 4 août 2010

AH1764.jpgLes GPO sont à l'honneur dans Auto hebdo cette semaine avec une pleine page consacrée au compte-rendu de l'épreuve de Lyon, la 3ème des 5 manches du Championnat de France. Le site permet d'élire le pilote du mois, une bonne occasion de voter pour Jean-Eric Vergne, ancien kartman réalisant des exploits actuellement en F3 britannique et désormais impliqué également en FR 3.5. Pour le vote, c'est tout simple, deux clics suffisent...


L'actualité automobile de la semaine fait la part belle au Grand prix F1 de Hongrie, au Ralye WRC de Finalnde et aux 24h de Spa, avant de revenir en détail sur l'accident de Jules BIanchi en GP2.



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