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15/07/12 - 11:35

Naud wins in KF3 prefinal

Gautier Becq (Sodi / Parilla) started from pole for the KF3 prefinal with Callum Ilott (Zanardi / Parilla) at his side. The puddles were their first victims. Valentin Naud (Kosmic / Parilla) finished the first lap in the lead, but Ilott attacked and soon passed on the line, Bastien Leguay (ART GP / Parilla) was 3rd in front of Becq. Naud took the lead on the next lap, and Becq returned to 3rd. Gabriel Aubry (Birel / TM) advanced to 7th, Julien Darras (Tony Kart / Parilla) ninth. Paolo Besancenez (Sodi / Parilla) was way back in 27th position. Darras climbed to seventh position. Arthur Lehouck (Sodi / Parilla) cruised in around 20th place.


Naud escaped with the fastest time of the day, nearly 2'' in front of Ilott who then fell to fifth. Then Becq, very fast, took over second place ahead of Matteo Raspatelli (Tony Kart / Parilla) and Leguay who kept up the pace. Aubry regained the lead on Darras, he was sixth. Ilott was trapped by a trace of water at the hairpin, and Aubry and Darras passed him. 2 laps later, they passed Leguay. Becq was faster than the leader, Naud, but he was able to manage his lead comfortably. On the last lap, Darras threatened Aubry and passed him for 4th place. Naud won ahead of Becq, Raspatelli, Darras and Aubry.



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The track dried a lot after the qualifying session when KZ2 went out for their pre-final. Christophe Benoit (Birel / TM) started perfectly and pulled away at once to make a gap between him and the chasing pack. Maxime Roy (Tony Kart / TM) went into second position ahead of Eric Goron (Intrepid / TM) and Adam Maatougui (Energy / TM). Sodi were having problems: Charles Fiault was last and Pierre Ragues returned to the pits.

Roy aquaplaned before the hairpin and couldn't avoid the tyre barriers, it was over for him. Benoit was imperious in front with a big lead on Goron and Maatougui, Francois Santoni (PCR / TM) advanced to fourth, but Fiault came back strongly and Briton James Glenister (Formula K / TM) set the fastest time with a minute. Fiault took 3rd place in mid-race then second. He took the lead on the ninth lap, when suddenly Benoit went off onto the grass and was waterlogged despite his 4.8'' lead.



Fiault finally won the race, which ended with four drivers on the track! Goron took second place after a fight with Santoni, third, fourth was Maatougui who was 44'' behind. Benoit showed up as 5th, by 3 laps.


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KF2 drivers all chose slicks for qualifying on Sunday morning. Paul Boutonnet (Tony Kart / Parilla) was the first to go under 1'08, followed closely by Pascal Belmaaziz (DR / Vortex). Victor Compere (Kosmic / Vortex) took up the torch, Belmaaziz went below 1'07 by one thousandth, Compere under 1'06, Boutonnet below 1'05. Belmaaziz went in the water but got away energetically. He knew, as did the others, that the finals laps would be decisive. Hubert Petit (Sodi / Parilla) took the advantage, but Boutonnet further improves to under 1'04. Valentin Moineault (Tony Kart / Vortex), who started aquaplaning, smashed violently against a kart which took them both out. Boutonnet took pole with 1'03'' 915, ahead of Petit, Compete, Benoit Philipps (Kosmic / Vortex) and Moineault.




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Some KF3 drivers attempted an uncertain bet on slick tires for their Qualifying on Sunday morning. Although the track is dry, there is still substantial puddles in places as gray clouds move over the track. Arthur Lehouck (Sodi / Parilla) and Valentin Naud (Kosmic / Parilla) took the top rankings ahead of Benjamin Lessennes (Kosmic / Parilla), but Matteo Raspatelli (Tony Kart / Parilla) did not let him get away. But finally Gautier Becq (Sodi / Parilla) set pole with 1'07'' 177 ahead of Callum Ilott (Zanardi / Parilla) and Lehouck. Raspatelli was fourth, Bastien Leguay (ART GP / Parilla) 5th. The slick tires were left behind.



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Everyone in Ostricourt hoped that the worst of the rain fell in the night and that the track would dry, but KZ2 qualifying still required the use of wet tires. Pierre Ragues (Sodi / Maxter) dominated the session before Christopher Benoit denied him first place. The times dropped on each lap on a track that was less and less damp. The duel finally turned to the advantage of Benoit, pole winner in 1'07'' 221'' in front of Ragues on 871. Charles Fiault (Sodi / Maxter) was third, Maxim Roy (Tony Kart / TM) and François Santoni (PCR / TM) fifth.



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