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Due to a serious lack of competitors, the Asia-Pacific Championship event in Macao for KF (second round), KF-Junior and KZ will not take place. Point H of Article 4 of the Specific Prescriptions of the CIK-FIA stipulates that: "A minimum participation of 20 drivers per category is set for the title of CIK-FIA Championship to be awarded."


This condition has not been met, therefore the meeting originally scheduled in Macao for 10, 11 and 12 October 2013, is canceled.



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Team > PRAGA

The Praga Kart Racing team, which took part in the World KF Championship with Polish driver Karol Dabski, did a great set-up job during practice sessions of the first meeting held in England, on the PF International track, to reach a good level of performance during the final phases. Dabski's 18th place in the classification, after all the problems he suffered during the qualifying heats, does not reflect the true potential of Praga chassis powered by Parilla engines.




After an 11th time in timed qualifying in his group, Dabski had to push his kart to the limit in the heats to regain ground. Fortunately for him, his kart became more and more effective during the competition. Unfortunately for him, he was excluded from one of the heats for a contact with another driver who was overtaking him, and the lost all his luck when he was bumped into at the start of the last heat. He gave his best in the second heat and maintained, lap after lap, the lead taken after a good start. He concluded with a 39th place in the intermediate classification.


A success in his pre-final was absolutely necessary for Dabski to qualify for the final, which is the most important race of the meeting. Thanks to the speed of his Praga/Parilla, he regained ground, 7 places overall, and accomplished his mission by achieving some excellent time results. In the final, a difficult choice had to be made between attacking and adopting a cautious approach. The driver made a good start to avoid collisions, gave his best up to the finish line, and even overtook another opponent on the last lap.


Although the final result of this meeting did not fulfil at all Praga Kart's expectations, progress made at PFI give confidence for the rest of the season of this young team.


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Pilote > France



Deux pilotes français vont se mesurer aux meilleurs Italiens à Lonato ce week-end pour la 4e épreuve du Championnat d'Italie de la CSAI, avec des motivations bien différentes. Pour Julien Darras (Tony Kart/TM), il s'agira en effet de consolider sa place en tête de la catégorie KF pour avoir le maximum de chances de décrocher le titre fin octobre à Castelletto. A l'inverse, Dorian Boccolacci (Energy/TM) est engagé en KZ2 pour préparer la Super Coupe Internationale de Varennes la semaine prochaine. Lonato sera sa première course en 125 à boîte de vitesses, une belle expérience sur un tracé très sinueux nécessitant beaucoup de changements de rapports.


Les finales sont à suivre en direct sur la chaine 5 de et sur Nuvolari. Pour les résultats, c'est par ici que cela se passe.



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Please find below the intructions for paperwork concerning the shipping of karts, engines and parts for the CIK-FIA KF and KFJ World Championship who will take place in Bahrain on November 20-23rd 2013.



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