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Team > DR RACING France

Plus la saison avance, plus les châssis DR de l'importateur français Philippe Lauriot prennent de la vitesse. Déjà auteur d'une 6ème position lors du premier GPO de l'année, Pascal Belmaaziz et son DR/Parilla KF2 ont progressé dans la hiérarchie internationale, 13ème WSK Euro Series à Portimao et 11ème de la qualification européenne à Varennes -sur-Allier.




Pour le 2ème GPO à Angerville, Pascal a pu utiliser au mieux le potentiel en plein développement de sa machine pour obtenir une superbe victoire le samedi après une belle ascension depuis les chronos. Parti deuxième, il se place rapidement aux commandes de la course et gère son avance face aux meilleurs participants du Championnat de France. Cela faisait longtemps qu'on avait pas vu Pascal sur la plus haute marche du podium !


Le pilote DR Racing France continue sur sa lancée le lendemain et confirme son niveau de performance actuel en se battant toujours aux avant-postes. Il obtient la 3ème place en finale, synonyme d'un second podium dans le même week-end.


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Pilote > Danemark

18/05/11 - 06:47

Moller-Madsen avec Sean GP



La longue histoire entre Nicolaj Moller-Madsen, le Champion d'Europe KF2 en titre, et Energy Corse a fait long feu. Décidé à tenter sa chance en automobile en fin de saison dernière, le Danois volant s'était tourné à nouveau vers le karting début 2011.


Il intègre maintenant le team indonésien Sean GP dans lequel il pourra faire profiter Sean Gelael de sa grande expérience de la compétition, ainsi que de son humour décapant, à bord d'un FA Kart/Vortex aux couleurs Coca Cola.  



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Différentes infos font état d'une rupture entre Michelle Gatting et CRG. La très talentueuse pilote danoise participerait au Championnat d'Europe KF2 sous d'autres couleurs, sans que l'on sache actuellement lesquelles. La photo ci-dessus de bébé Michelle, prise à Val Vibrata en 2007, n'est là qu'à titre de souvenir de l'époque PDB. Quel look déjà !



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Pilot > Sean Gelael



Back to Italy to his great pleasure, with weekend Sean Gelael raced at the third round of the WSK Master Series on the Val Vibrata circuit, in the mountain region of Abruzzo. He started off well enough during time qualifying with an excellent 9th time out of 41 entered drivers in KF2 and ahead of experienced drivers such as Fioravanti and Giovinazzi, despite the fact that it was his first time on this track. 7th and 5th in the qualifying heats, everything would have ended well if he hadn't suffered a technical problem in the second heat: his transmission had been adjusted by mistake for rain conditions while the track was dry, so he could not do better than 18th.


Qualified for the first time to the final phase of a WSK meeting, Sean discovered to his cost the aggressiveness of his competitors in the middle of the fight. The pre-final was marked by an endless series of passes, favoured by the special layout of this track. Forced to keep an eye on both the front of the race as well as on the drivers behind him, Sean lost a lot in this race and concluded with a 21st place, but without any collision.


By analysing his performance with Jean-Philippe Guignet, he had the time to learn from this new situation and started in full confidence despite a sudden heavy rain shower. But he reacted well, as proven by his 14th place before the "slow" procedure was initiated after an accident. Unfortunately the restlessness of some drivers during restart caused a collision he could not avoid. Due to broken tie rods, he was forced to retire. A pity, considering that Sean was fast on the soaking wet track, even faster than his new Italian team mate Alfredo Gagliardi.


Info Kartcom / © Photo KSP - Giovanni Cuna

International > Superkart 250



If the intensity of the opening round of the European Superkart Championship held this weekend at Magny-Cours is maintained throughout the competition, its 2011 edition could very well be the most fascinating and competitive one since 2002, when the European tour of the 250cc karts was revived by the CIK-FIA.

Race 1 at Magny-Cours saw the first seven Drivers cross the finish line within 3 seconds. And while the reigning Champion Gavin Bennett (Anderson-DEA) eventually won, the runner-up Emmanuel Vinualès (Anderson-DEA) regretted at the finish that he had not been informed of the lap-charting and he was surprised to take the chequered flag whereas he was planning to launch an assault on the last lap. Bennett had taken the lead and immediately built a small gap but Vinualès managed to catch up with him again after a few laps. Then there was a close and fascinating fight between Bennett and Vinualès, who overtook each other for the lead lap after lap. Never very far behind this two-some, Daniel Hentschel (Anderson-DEA), Cyril Vayssié (PVP-DEA) and two “rookies” at the European level, Laurent Marchandise (PVP-FPE) and Henrik Lilja (PVP-PVP) were also at it as they passed one another several times on every lap. Handicapped in practice by a lack of running and of reference points with his brand-new equipment he was still putting together during the night before the race, Peter Elkmann (MS Kart-DEA) shone thanks to a frenzied but finally vain recovery. Although he crossed the finish line in fourth place, the German (European Champion in 2008) was excluded after the race because he was declared one kilo too light. Daniel Hentschel scored a very fine third place, ahead of Henrik Lilja and Laurent Marchandise - Magny-Cours constituted the first participation at the European level for these two Drivers who had switched over from KZ. Their débuts had already been hailed in practice as Marchandise achieved pole-position and Lilja was fourth! Cyril Vayssié, Adam Kout (MS Kart-VM), Antoine Lacoste (PVP-FPE), Vesa Lehtinen (Anderson-FPE) and Guido Kleinemeyer (Anderson-BRC) completed the ”Top 10”.

Started on the same high rhythm Race 2 was somehow less indecisive once Bennett, who was tucked until then in Vinualès’ slipstream, had carburettor problems which made him end up in 14th place. Vinualès Junior prevailed, thus signing his first European win, some 9 years after his father François’ victory in the same French round of the European Championship (then held at Le Mans). Vinualès also takes the lead of the provisional classification of the European Championship. Second in Race 2 for a long time, Laurent Marchandise finally gave in to the assaults of Daniel Hentschel in the last lap. Cyril Vayssié confirmed his good performance of the first race by being classified fourth ahead of Malcolm Crowe (Anderson-DEA), not sad to reach the finish in good position after his promising 5th practice time was ruined by an early retirement in Race 1. Henrik Lilja concluded his maiden European Superkart weekend with a solid 6th place en Course 2, ahead of Carl Hulme (Anderson-FPE), Adam Kout, Marcel Maasmann (Anderson-FPE) and Paul Kennings (Anderson-FPE).

The only female Driver of the field, the Dutchwoman Priscilla Speelman (MS Kart-VM), landed two convincing 11th places.

The Superkarts ran at Magny-Cours within the framework of a very international and varied meeting in which F2, F3, GT, Caterham and Lotus successively performed on the track. Slightly less fast than F3 single-seaters, Superkarts systematically proved faster than all the Ferraris, Aston Martins, Ford GTs and Porsche GT3s of the Spanish series International GT Open.


The European Superkart Cha mpionship will continue on 11 and 12 June in the Czech Republic on the Autodrom circuit of Most.



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