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The battle for supremacy was superb during the qualifying heats in the KF category. Four drivers emerged on top with a particularly small gap, only two points. Twice victorious, Martin Kodric (FA Kart / Vortex) takes pole just ahead of Armand Convers (Kosmic / Vortex) and Dorian Boccolacci (Energy / TM) who are tied. Convers may have preferred not to be on the outside line for the start of the Prefinal ... Lastly Niklas Nielsen (Kosmic / Vortex) joins the group in fourth position. Whatever happens, these four drivers have had a busy day with spectacular battles.

In 5th, Karol Basz (Tony Kart / Vortex) has been consistently at the front and will probably be among the favorites for the final. Beautiful performances for Lance Stroll (Zanardi / Parilla) in p sixth position, while Ben Barnicoat (ART GP / TM) retired in a heat and is only 12th. Matteo Viganò (Top Kart / Parilla) is the last automatically qualified driver in 28th position and Valentin Moineault (ART GP / TM) starts the list of candidates for the repechage, followed by George Russell (Birel / TM).



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For final 1 in the WSK Master Series, held on Saturday at La Conca, Max Verstappen (CRG / TM) didn't give way to Ben Hanley (ART GP / TM) when the lights went out. He was flying ahead of the British driver Hanley, Patrik Hajek (Praga / Parilla) and Bas Lammers (Praga / Parilla), who made an excellent start. The four drivers were together for  several laps before the leader widened the gap after Bas Lammers attacked his Czech teammate, allowing both Pragas to overtake Hanley. We were also watching the very convincing Paolo De Conto (Birel / TM), who started 14th.

The battle intensified for 3rd place with rookie Charles Leclerc (ART GP / TM) attacking Lammers at the complex. But Fabian Federer (CRG / Modena) in the end was on the third step of the podium, while Lammers and Hajek finish 4th and 5th after suppressing Leclerc. Riccardo Negro (DR / TM) impressed with the biggest comeback of the race from 18th to seventh position, just ahead of De Conto. Jérémy Iglesias (Lenzo / LKE) retired with mechanical problems while 11th. Charly Bizalion (BRM / TM) managed a solid race in 12th position. The young French driver long resisted Sauro Cesetti (Top Kart / Parilla) and also Jorrit Pex (CRG / TM) and would have won if the KZ2 category distinction existed as it did in the past in WSK as he is second only to KZ1 drivers.

The victory went to Max Verstappen, who set the fastest time and was the logical favorite, ahead of a more combative Ben Hanley.



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Although Ben Hanley (ART GP / TM) made the best start in race 1 of KZ2 on Saturday at La Conca, Max Verstappen (CRG / TM) didn't wait around to get into the rhythm and returned to the leader after mid-race and took control inexorably. In third position, Paolo De Conto (Birel / TM) was threatened by Patrik Hajek (Praga / Parilla), but retained his place from the Czech driver who was passed by Fabian Federer (CRG / Modena). Charles Leclerc (ART GP / TM) held onto 6th from Riccardo Negro (DR / TM) and Bas Lammers (Praga / Parilla).

Ben Hanley (ART GP / TM) went ahead of Max Verstappen (CRG / TM) again in the second heat, but the Dutchman needed just over a lap to regain control. Paolo De Conto (Birel / TM) fought with Hanley and let Fabian Federer (CRG / Modena) past before returning to third place. Patrik Hajek (Praga / Parilla) lost time early in the race, while Riccardo Negro (DR / TM) was back to 5th. Bas Lammers (Praga / Parilla) gradually gained ground. Verstappen won his second heat from Hanley and Hajek, De Conto having lost his third place in the final lap.



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As it is now a habit that is much appreciated, Kartcom offers the unofficial ranking throughout the qualifying heats at the WSK Master Series in La Conca.


Follow KFJ here, KF here and KZ2 here and here.



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The qualifying heats of the WSK Master Series are already very agitated at La Conca. The first on Saturday morning, AE, was disrupted by a collision requiring the red flag after a clash on the last right. Already going well at the first start, Bryan Elpitiya (Zanardi / Parilla) restarted, but found himself excluded, along with Tom Bale (FA Kart / Vortex), Diego Borelli (ART GP / TM) and the German driver who won the heat, Sophia Floersch (Tony Kart / Vortex) because of problems with the restart.

There were many scuffles during the AB heat, with Gabi Aubry (Birel / TM) as the first victim at the hairpin, then Petrut Florescu (Zanardi / Parilla) was eliminated in an attempt to pass three drivers at the same corner. The race management attempted to manage the situation with firmness, even if it wasn't always easy to decide in some difficult cases.

Otherwise, Max Fewtrell (FA Kart / Vortex) proved very effective so far ahead of his teammate Lando Norris RFM, Alessio Lorandi (Tony Kart / Vortex) and Nikita Sitnikov (Tony Kart / BMB).



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