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Some fine raindrops were falling from the sky as the drivers prepared to go out for their KF2 final. Victor Sendin was away first, but Leo Roussel managed to make it up the inside at the first turn. Remy Deguffroy was in second ahead of Victor Compere, Nicolas Gonzales and Anthoine Hubert. Sendin was 7th. The track was slightly slippery, and drivers looked for grip but maintained the pace. There was a battle between Gonzales and Compere for 3rd.

Enzo Guibbert was already back to 10th after his retirement in the pre-final. Sendin passed Hubert for 5th place, then Compere for the 4th while setting the fastest lap. Sendin was forcing his way though, he was the fastest on the track and he passed his teammate Deguffroy in the 8th of 17 laps. He was also followed by a rapid Gonzales in 3rd position. Roussel was nearly 2'' ahead of Sendin. Guibbert was now in 4th, ahead of Vermeylen and Belmaaziz. Guibbert then took 3rd place from Gonzales who then found himself fifth. Sendin did not appear in a position to return to the leader with 4 laps left to race. The battle for 3rd place was more uncertain and between was Guibbert and Vermeylen. Following contact between Gonzales and Belmaaziz, De Ridder took 5th position.

It was an expected victory for Leo Roussel (Sodi / Parilla) from Victor Sendin (Tony Kart / Vortex). Kenny Vermeylen (Tecno / Parilla) finally took the 3rd place in front of Guibbert (FA Kart / Vortex).



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The sky was heavy on the region of Varennes for the KF3 final, but the arrival of rain was still uncertain. The nervousness was palpable among the competitors who already crashed on the formation lap ...



Valentin Moineault (Sodi / Parilla) took the lead, Fran Rueda (FA Kart / Vortex) dislodged Charles Leclerc (Sodi / Parilla) for 2nd place, Benjamin Gerard (Tony Kart / Vortex) was 3rd, Leclerc and Esteban Ocon (FA Kart / Vortex) were 4th and 5th. Moineault took off, and now Alex Palou (FA Kart / Vortex) was 4th and Ocon 5th. Paolo Besancenez (Sodi / Parilla) was back in 7th position, Dorian Boccolacci (Birel / BMB) in 15th. Ocon went wide and returned to 6th while Besancenez was losing ground in the same way.

On his own now, Moineault had more than 2'' of a lead. We approach mid-race, and the Spaniards Palou and Rueda were slightly closer to the leader. Ocon was 4th in front of Guillermo Russo (FA Kart / Vortex). Albert Gil (Tony Kart / Vortex) also made a mistake, going wide. The positions were stabilized for now. Rueda took advantage of Palou for 2nd position. Besancenez seemed to attack Russo, trying to take 5th. But yes, he did it, on the 12th of 17 laps. Starting 24th, in 12th Boccolacci was now behind Etienne Mordret. The Spaniards continued to fight Ocon and Besancenez and caught up with 2 laps to go. They first took Palou in a single leap. Ocon surprised Rueda in a fast corner and Besancenez seized early on the last lap.

Moineault royally prevailed under the gaze of his team manager, Ludovic Vève. Esteban Ocon was in a fine 2nd place after a good effort and Fran Rueda was on the 3rd step of the podium. Russo was 4th, Tirman 5th, Florian Latorre 6th.


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Racamier was on the front row, with Breton 11th, and Bielatowicz 16th. Thierry Racamier (Tony Kart) immediately took the lead ahead of Didier Devaux (Energy), Mathieu Monier (Energy) and Pierrick Porte (Energy). There were 20 laps to go to win the French Cup. Pierre Allemand (PCR) took 5th from Steve Cognet, Ludovic Breton (Kosmic), Olivier Michon and Alain Mari.




Porte was closer to the leader Racamier, and the differences were small between the top 7. Monier was passed by Devaux. Porte took the lead on lap 6. Racamier responded to Porte and it was far from over. Breton was now second behind Racamier. Three karts were in front, Breton, Racamier and Porte. Devaux was ahead of Monier, Cognet and Allemand in a lively quartet.


Racamier and Porte seemed to moderate their behaviour until the best opportunity. This was done on lap 12 with overtaking from Porte, and Breton faced Racamier. The first two got away, and Porte could not get close enough to win from second place. Breton was able to raise his game at the end of the race and thought he had taken the French Cup in X30 Gentleman, but he relaxed well before the finish line, thinking that victory was his ... A cruel mistake! Pierrick Porte benefited to go first under the checkered flag. Amazing. Ludovic Breton was dramatically second, and Thierry Racamier took the third step of the podium.



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National Event > FFSA Karting

27/03/11 - 12:51

X30 Gentlemen Prefinal



Racamier and Provost were on the front row, the start of the prefinal for X30 was given and Pascal Bielatowicz (Exceed) got ahead of Thierry Racamier (Tony Kart ), Alain Mari (CRG) and Remy Provost (Nowa). Racamier took back the lead, Ludovic Breton (Kosmic) attacked Mari. Racamier regained the lead but Bielatowicz did not lose time and attacked again, which benefited Provost and Breton while Racamier ended up 4th.


The leaders changed quickly, which was difficult to record. A collision occurs under heavy braking at the start hairpin and eliminated the front-runners Provost, Breton and Bielatowicz. Mari 1st, Racamier 2nd, and the positions quickly reversed. Mathieu Monier (Energy) was third in front of Didier Devaux. Pierrick Porte (Mirage) stole 4th place shortly thereafter. Monier was in 2nd position.


It was not uncommon to see three drivers together at the beginning or the exit of a corner and the grip at Varennes multiplied the overtaking. A final lap delivered the epic final result: Racamier the winner from Porte and Monier.



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