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12/12/11 - 07:57

Thank you Bercy!



Anthoine Hubert and Esteban Ocon, members of the Equipe de France FFSA, and their colleagues in the Program 10/15, Paolo Besancenez, Dorian Boccolacci and Florian Latorre, resumed command of the electric karts in the ERDF Kart Masters 2011, a remarkable vehicle for promoting karting. At the magical Palais Omnisports at Paris-Bercy, as on Saturday evening, the Juniors again displayed a remarkable level of skill and gave a breathless show to the Parisian public!


Race 1
The first observation following qualifying: the gaps narrowed sharply from the previous day. The poleman was Charles Leclerc (again) ahead of Dorian Boccolacci ... By 0.07s! The 10 Juniors were all grouped in 7 / 10. Alas, the hero of Saturday evening, the Monegasque Leclerc was resurgent. With a perfect start, and a perfect race, he would never be threatened. Fighting for the next positions, Ocon and Boccolacci headed the peloton. Boccolacci was in second place before a battle and a very robust assault from the Norwegian Dennis Olsen ... The young Norman ended up 10th and last. In a small consolation, he would start at the front of the race two, just ahead of his compatriots Hubert and Besancenez, who were hardly in sight. Boccolacci was second and again at the forefront of the fight, and Florian Latorre, who was fourth against the harsh attacks of the British O'Keeffe and Russell, who were competing with great honor!


Race 2
Ocon, Hubert, and Boccolaci dominated the foreign competition to lock out the top three without a fight. If the winner had it easy, the other two were fighting during the 10 laps of the race. Latorre and Besancenez ran with them at the start, for a while allowing the French to dominate the top half. However the two young French dropped beyond the top positions ... Latorre finished sixth, poor Besancenez, 10th .



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International > ERDF Masters Kart

11/12/11 - 18:35

Ultimate win for Vergne


The craziest race of the weekend, no doubt, was the final on Sunday of the ERDF Kart Masters at Bercy. Jean-Eric Vergne held the lead from the start, but Romain Grosjean joined the game by passing Julien Jousse. From there, the drivers went into high gear, increasing the number of attacks and contacts, daring to the end. Jousse came back to threaten Vergne but Grosjean was also involved. The lead changed at each corner. Grosjean attacked Vergne, he replied and the tone rose, the sidepods touched and the audience exulted. In second, Grosjean dropped back for a few short laps.


A chasing group joined the leading men, determined to enjoy the party. Gary Paffett took third position, Grosjean pushed and shoved and fell to fifth position, while Jerome D'Ambrosio took second to the detriment of Jousse. The checkered flag then stopped the spectacle.





Jean-Eric Vergne came out as the winner in front of D'Ambrosio and Jousse, Paffett fourth and fifth ahead of Grosjean, Sarrazin, Sutil, Di Resta, Loeb and Ogier.



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Not content with winning the final of the ERDF Kart Masters on Saturday, Monaco driver Charles Leclerc has successfully repeated with his victory on Sunday. Yet the scenario was not at all the same and Dorian Boccolacci thrilled the crowd at Bercy. Boccolacci led the Canadian Lance Stroll and Anthoine Hubert. Leclerc then fought with George Russell for fourth place, Esteban Ocon was sixth. Stroll closed on Boccolacci and went on the attack on the S front of the stands. But Dorian didn't give way and kept to the inside.


The episode was repeated on the next lap: the audience was thrilled. The third attempt was good, Stroll took the lead, and the finish was near. But the show was not over. Boccolacci braked madly and Stroll was going where no one usually went. Unfortunately Stroll's maneuver forced him to retire, a very poor reward for interesting his performance. Leclerc attacked and passed Boccolacci who attempted to repass on the next lap, but without success this time.




Victory went to Charles Leclerc, Dorian Boccolacci had to settle for second place on the podium after stealing the show and winning over the audience, while Anthoine Hubert took third place.



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This was the verdict of the two semi-finals of the Stars class of the ERDF Kart Masters on Sunday at Bercy.


JEV was alone in the first half of the race, while Julien Jousse was in second position ahead of Filipe Albuquerque, Sebastien Ogier and Sebastien Loeb. The differences also decreased between the drivers in the chasing pack, but the rise of Jousse engaged the attention of everyone. Jousse prepared his attack on the leader who began to defend and protect themselves, which slowed him down slightly. The audience erupted. Jousse tried several moves, but Vergne manages to control the situation.


Romain Grosjean dominated the entire second race by escaping from the start, with Gary Paffett in second place. Stephane Sarrazin came back strongly from the start of the race, he attacked Jules Bianchi to gain fourth place and Sebastien Bourdais soon closed on him. In difficulty on the straights, Bianchi was hit by Bourdais who could probably not avoid it.


At the front, Sarrazin closed on Paffett and attacked in front of the spectators. The British didn't like it, but he took the chance to defend long before the finish. Vergne, Grosjean, Jousse, Sarrazin, Albuquerque, Paffett, Ogier, D'Ambrosio, Loeb and Sutil earned a direct ticket to the finals to come.



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The temperature rose in Junior, probably influenced by the incisive and dramatic behaviour of their elders. Esteban Ocon benefited from his start on the front row handed to him by the reverse grid for race 2, with Paolo Besancenez at his side, pushing and shoving until the last. Anthoine Hubert slipped into the wake of Ocon to take second place. After a good start with great cunning, Dorian Boccolacci started the on last row in 5th place at the first corner and went round the first corner in 3rd position.


Behind the battle raged, punctuated by several skirmishes. Besancenez paid the price, Leclerc was only 9th at the finish. Then there was the duel between Lance Stroll and George Russell for fourth place that monolised attention at the end of the race, but the experienced British driver knew how to control his young Canadian opponent even though he was faster. Third in race 2, Dorian Boccolacci should logically be on pole position at the start of the final.



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